Genealogy Collections

First is the largest and primary is of my own family including: Simmons, Saxon, Bowie, Flynt, Deese, Baldwin, Walker, Wiemers, Kellogg, Lloyd, Rich, deWolf, Shelton, and associated families with photos and source references. This online presentation excludes the living that are in the master database on my desk, which is a very long running group project with many contributors.

These are families that mostly connect at my generation, born shortly after WWII.

We'd appreciate help to correct errors, fill in missing facts of name, date and places.

Two different DNA tests have been for mutiple purposes in this collection, beginning with Autosomal or atDNA Test with in 2018 and more recently Y-DNA at Family Tree DNA. Analysis of these test have been very useful in verifying the relatives known by traditional paper trail genealogy, but has also has revealed relations that where previously unknown, hidden, forgotten, or otherwise unexpected. There are a couple of Non Paternal Events in my Bowie - Walker - Simmons lines. For more comments follow the Bowie Photos & DNA Comments below.

The DNA tests have also expanded knowledge of my Shelton ancestors and are offering hints about Baldwin.

Next are small studies of families and friends that I knew in Augusta, most were neighbors and had several generations that lived in Woodruff County, Arkansas.
Which includes Stanley, Jefferies, McCurdy, Conner, Eldridge,then and separate, Pollard and Lambert. Also separate is Davis, extracted from study by Gary Telford with cemetery index, marriage index, and a page from the census 1900.

Last, a new, active (2019) study of some of the Pioneer Families/Early Settlers in Benton County Arkansas . Focused on Woods, Dickson, and related families, most of who were buried in family cemeteries.

Errors and omissions in these collections happen for a number of reasons. Please send me a note when you notice errors or can add supporting information.

Introduction to the focus familes in first database.

Bowie Photos & DNA comments

Simmons Photos and Chart

Lloyd, Tilghman, and Key Paintings

Kellogg, Gage and Rich Photos

Alice Kellogg Art collection
Miss GEK, My Mother, ADK bio, and charcoal samples

Flynt, Baldwin, Deese Photos

Genealogical Database, all of Simmons, Saxon, Bowie, Flynt, Deese, Baldwin, Walker,Wiemers, Kellogg, Lloyd, Rich, deWolf, Shelton, and associated families.

Notable individuals and familys include:


Other Families

  1. Augusta, Woodruff County, Arkansas
    These are smaller studies of the families that I knew in Augusta, most were neighbors and had several generations that lived in Woodruff County.
  2. Bentonville & Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas

Higher Quality Images with more detail
These images and documents are added by special request for just certain photos, or zip and file sizes are too large for simple presentation via normal web page.

Book of Bowie Front Page.

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