Allen Walker


Personal and Family Information

Allen was born on 14 Feb 1758 in Rockingham County, North Carolina, the son of unknown parents.

He died on 24 Dec 1816 in Centerville, Hickman County, Tennessee.

His wife was Esther McCrory, who he married in 1784 in Rockingham County, North Carolina. Their nine known children were William (1779-1865), Sarah (1787-1850), Joel (1789-1844), Thomas (1790-1875), Hannah C. (1796-1839), Allan Jr. (1798-1848), Elisha (1799-1862), James Howard (1800-1844) and Pleasant B. (1804-1870).


Birth14 FEB 1758
Place: Rockingham County, North Carolina

DAR-Bynum Smith

Death24 DEC 1816
Place: Centerville, Hickman County, Tennessee
Walkers in Hickman County, Tennessee

DAR-Bynum Smith

Place: Rockingham County, North Carolina
Address: Allen Walker - 1 wm over 16, 1 wm under 16, 2 females Joel Walker - 1 wm over 16, 2 wm under 16 2 females, 1 slave Alexander Walker - 1 wm over 16, 1 wm under 16, 5 females William Walker - 1 wm over 16, 2 wm under 16, 4 females, 1 slave Elmore Walker 1 wm onver 16, 1 wm under 16, 1 female William Walker Senr - 1 wm over 16, 1 wm under 16, 3 females William Walker Jr -1 wm over 16, 3 females
Census-1790N.C. Rockingham

Census-1790 N.C. Rockhm- column titles

Other Event1780
Place: North Carolina
Type: Military Service
Address: sergeant in NC militia
Walkers in Hickman County, Tennessee


DAR-Bynum Sm...
Walkers in H...
DAR Walker,J...
DNA Match-Wa...


Note 1 information: Spouse: William Joseph BYNUM Birth: 3 Aug 1826 Greenville, Co. Va.

Death: 10 Dec 1907 Amarillo, Tex. Burial: Horn Lake, Desoto Co. Ms.

Katharine Anne Walker Marriage: Sep 21 1859 Horn Lake, Desoto Co., Miss


Father: Joel Walker

Birth: May 6 1789 Rockingham NC

Death: Aug 29 1844 Williamson TN

Burial: Motheral Family, Franklin/Williason TN

Mother Mary Motherall Walker

Marriage: Apr 30 1830 Davidson TN/Apr 17 1830 Williamson TN


Paternal Grandfather: Allen Walker

Birth: 14 Feb 1758 Rockingham Co., NC

Death: 1817 Centerville, TN

Paternal Grandmother: Esther McCrory

Birth: 1767 county Antrim, Ireland

Death: 1845


Paternal GGrandfather: James Walker

Paternal GGrandmother: Sarah Allen


Maternal Grandfather: Capt Thomas McCrory

Birth: 1735 County Antrim, Ireland

Death: 2 Nov 1777 Bluff City, Sullivan County TN.

Burial: Weaver Cemetery, Bluff City, Sullivan Co

Maternal Grandmother: Hannah Crawford

Birth: 1732 County Antrim Ireland

Marriage: 1756


Maternal GGrandfather: Hugh McCrory

Maternal GGrandmother: Elizabeth UnknownKatherine Bymun 61 Mar 1839 Wife

Sallie L Bymun 24 May 1876 Daughter

Katharine Anne Walker Bynum findagrave 28827030

Note 2

It is not clear to me if Sarah Allen and Sarah Jane Ware are same person or if separate wives of James Walker 1726-1801

findagrave 75487472 and 75487448 has photo of the new, shared grave maker with inscription including “Sarah Ware his wife 1740-1819”

Also, I have not found a primary source that confirms Allen Walker 1758-1816 as son of James Walker 1726-1801. Best so far is a secondary “Walkers in Hickman County Tennessee, Historical Sketches” by Jill K Garrett

There is direct confict with “bio Walker,_William_b1” has Elijah L. as son of James Walker, Sr 1771 Va tp Feb 1860 Grundy Co Tenn m1 Nancy, M2 Mary Polly Cam[bell . does not include Allen

A History of Hickman County, Tennessee, Spence and Spence, Nashville, Tenn. 1900 on Google Books has Allen , James and families, but I have not found Allen as son of James. 9th district, page 275 “James Walker, the father of Dr. WL Walker, John T Walker, David N Walker and James B Walker…. married a daughter of John Cooper.” page 278 teachers at Liberty “”Dr William L., John T. and David N Walker, sons of James Walker””

Chapter 21, Militia Officers, page 441 1812-Ensigns -Elisha Walker, 1814 Lieutenants-Elisha Walker, 1817 Daptains-Elias R. Walker, 1818 Lieutenants Hugh McCrory, 1820 Surgeon Joel Walker, 1822 Captains- Elijah Walker, 1828 36th Regiments Lieutenants-Andrew Walker, 1836 (36th) Ensigns -D.A. Walker, 1836 (97th) Majors-David A. Walker, 1843 (97th) David Walker, 1844 (98th) Colonel -D.A. Walker

index has McCrary, George 446 and Hugh 442, McCreary, T F 430

no Motheral in index

Y-DNA suggests William Walker 1694 Virginia to Cumblerland County Virgnia via Warren Walker 1760-1828, Warren 1726-1785, George Washington Walker 1801 -1864. Ancestry Gid Family Tree, bjgd1 sources seem mostly secondary.

William has a son James 1728 Henrico County Virginia, d 13 Dec 1806 Buckingham County, Virginia

gggrandson?? George Washington Walker, BIRTH 1799 • Cumberland County, Virginia, United States, DEATH 28 MAR 1864 • Buchanan, Henry, Tennessee. m1, Elizabeth H Brown 1804-1850. 8 children, them m2, Mildred Ann Anderson 1829-1904 and 6 more children

Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly. Vol. V. Thompson-Yates

Genealogy of the Walkers

Note 3

Non paternity event. FamilyTreeDNA Kit 926600 Y-DNA-111 in Jan 2020 in Haplogroup I-M253 and has two matches at Genetic Distance 2, two at Gen Dist 3, three at Gen Dist 4, and another twenty one matches from Genetic Distance 5 to 10, most with Walker name, all in group 2 of the Walker Project.

I1-Z138 S2293+ Z2541+ S19185+ S23519+ S20030+ BY1482+ BY1330+ BY34667+ A7116+ A7115+ Branches

Ancestry DNA shows many matches with Allan Walker and Esther McCory family, strongest in Joel Walker and Mary Motheral descendents.