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Richard M Flynt, born 1842 Tennessee, died 1897 Lonoke County Arkansas

Camera copy of a 16 x 20 photograph enlargement that was retouched, probably when produced.

Eight drawings by Dan Gullic of buildings and scences of Augusta
This is a 24 MB PDF, scanned at 600 dpi, 24 bit color from drawings in excellent condition.

Art Students in Holland, 1888

This is a 48 MB TIF, 5621 x 4468 pixels at 1200 pixels/inch

Ben Simmons with Bear on a log, 1890

This is a 16 MB JPEG image, 5857 x 4594 pixels at 600 pixels/inch

Cropped image Ben Simmons without the Bear, 1890

This is a 1.8 MB JPEG image, 1369 x 2166 pixels at 600 pixels/inch

Bear Hunting Camp, probably 1890

This is a 15.6 MB JPEG image, 5810 x 5013 pixels at 600 pixels/inch

Another photo of the Bear Hunting Camp

This is a double exposure. It is a 6.8 MB JPEG image, 4097 x 3450 pixels at 600 pixels/inch

Ben with Unknown grandchild? in front of Cora and Arthur's home

This is a 4.9 MB JPEG image, 3505 x 2662 pixels at 600 pixels/inch

Ben with unknown baby at his home

This is a 4.4 MB JPEG image, 2242 x 3854 pixels at 600 pixels/inch

Most of Ben Simmons family on the porch

This is a 12.4 MB JPEG image, 5897 x 4555 pixels at 600 pixels/inch

Ben and Lula
Professional restoration service cleaned this image using Photoshop. Location of the original photo is unknown, this is taken from a photo by Bobby Bowie in 1973 of the orginial.
This is a 8 MB JPEG image, 5336 x 8340 pixels at 1200 pixels/inch.

Will of Benjamin Saxon ---This is a 9.6 MB PDF of the will signed in Jan 1784 and entered into probate at what probably an annual session of the court in Sept 1785. This is the full file, beginning with transcribed, then high quality images of the orginial will and estate documents.

W. L. Taylor Bible, zip file

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