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A few images of the Lloyd and associated families, beginning with paintings from before the Revolutionary War.

Edward Lloyd, c1640 -1696, the founder of the Lloyd family of Maryland, came io Maryland from England about 1645. He was "a conspicuous actor in the important events", and had large landed interests in Talbot County when it was orgainized in 1661. Twelve generations of his descendents have lived on that same land for nearly four centuries.
Edward IV 1774-1796 built the present day Wye House.

Several notable families intertwine with the Lloyds:
Richard Tilghman 1671-1737
and descendants are prominent, wealthy families of Maryland
Francis Scott Key
author of Star Spangled Banner
Dr Nathan Smith 1762-1829
founder of the Medical Schools at Yale and Dartmouth.
Dr Samuel Theobald 1847-1930
one of the founders of the Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat Charity Hospital. In 1889 one of its original staff physicians Johns Hopkins Hospital. In 1893, originalfaculty member Johns Hopkins Medical School.
Francis LeBaron DeWolf 1826-1861
of a very prominent family in Rhode Island.
Admiral Franklin Buchanan 1800-1874
a forgotten American Warrior.

Extended Family Here are the families that mostly connect at my generation, some don't connect but may be friends or historical interest. This presentation doesn't include any living people and is visible to most search engines.

We'd appreciate your help to find more family photos and checking the labels on the photos we already have. I'm pretty sure that some are mis-label by either name or date.

Cemeteries More information on several cemeteries

Descendant Charts

Descendants of John Eager Lloyd, 1865-1943

Descendants of Elisha Warfield Theobald, 1818-1851

Descendants of Francis LeBaron DeWolf, 1826-1861

Descendants of Samuel Dexter, 1781-1862

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