Pioneer Families/Early Settlers in Benton County Arkansas

Burials in Old Dickson Cemetery, Bentonville, Arkansas with history of this lost cemetey.

Woods Cemetery, Little Flock, Arkansas about 55 known burials with links to genealogy.

Genealogy of Dickson, Woods, Jefferson and related pioneer families, Benton County, Arkansas. -Warning - I'm still making mistakes, trying to have at least some evidence for name, date, place, and family of each individual, but this is a work in progress and likely has errors, especially with the proper identification of those with similiar names. Exporting from master to this html website does not include all attributes, notes, or information attached to family rather than individual.

Also, please note that I have used nicknames "East" and "West" as a convenent way to distingush between similar names who were closely located in very early Benton County, Arkansas.

Jefferson Family Cemetery, Bentonville, a small, private, family cemetery.

Chart three generations of descendants of

  1. Samuel "East" Woods, 1776-1840
  2. Samuel "West" Woods 1799-1871
  3. Robert Dickson 1773-1849
  4. Dysart Woods 1806-1882

Ancestor Tree for John Wilson Woods, grandson of Samuel P Woods and Samuel "West" Woods, great grandson of Robert Dickson and Samuel "East" Woods

Marriages between Descendants of "Old Four" Woods and Dickson

Some Woods and Dickson Confederate Veterans and Units, a 2 page pdf.

Same Cemeteries in other websites

  1. Woods Cemetery
  2. Old Dickson Cemetery
  3. Jefferson Cemetery
  4. Maxwell/Mount Eden Cemetery
  5. Ricketts / Valley View
  6. Bentonville
    Arkansas GraveStones
  1. Woods Cemetery
  2. Old Dickson Cemetery
  3. Jefferson Cemetery
  4. Maxwell/Mount Eden Cemetery
  5. Ricketts / Valley View Cemetery

Here are a few extracts from Arkansas Code about Cemeteries in Arkansas. These are all available online at

208 Photos of 2021 Reunion, Thursday, the first day 1.29GB, no edit nor cleanup.

61 Photos 2021 reunion, Friday and Saturday, the second and third days 235 MB. a few renamed but still no edit nor cleanup.

Here are 3 zip bundles of photos from our First Reunion in October 2018.

First bundle contains photos from the church on Friday, cemetery on Saturday, scans of old photos, abstract of Woods homestead and some miscellaneous things.

Second bundle contains photos of some of the gravestones in Woods Cemetery. These are the photos that have been labeled and ready to use or print. Some maybe cropped or edited for ease of reading. This bundle does not include every gravestone, most, but not all.

Third bundle is the master file that does have all that I have photographed up to Oct 11 and have no edits other than a few have been renamed.

The zip bundles are large, over 500 MB each, but should download when the link is clicked, and should open on your computer when you click the zip image. Please let me know if you have trouble with either the download or opening the zip file.

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