Burials in Woods Cemetery

Little Flock, Benton County, Arkansas

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General arrangement as rows of headstones within border fences.

⊗ This old cemetery had burials between 1840 and 1916. Apparently, most are Woods, extended family, or maybe just close neighbors. Three Historical references 1968, 1989, 1935, and others were used in this new 2019 survery of burials.
This page is under active revision. Please help us with names of those who are buried here and to fill in connections, details and corrections.

Contact Gary Black, and the Woods Cemetery Association of Benton County, Arkansas

Close Family and Genelogy of the known burials in Woods Cemetery,
Little Flock, Benton County, Arkansas. This study and database is a new active study, and includes some theories for testing, some errors, and more than a few similiar names that are not yet in the right family or relation..... please help us gather stronger evidence as who is who.

Older lists of burials with layout drawing of the cemetery keyed to the stone inscriptions.

There were several Samuel Woods who were contemporaries of Capt Samuel Woods, and also lived in Rowan County, N.C..... appears to be at least five connected Woods families in Colonial Rown County.... Dickson+Samuel Woods comments by Bennett Dickson 1998.

Captain Samuel Woods of King's Mountain and his descendents by Lucile Womack Bates as published in The Benton County Pioneer. volume 10, numbers 2 and 3, 1965.

The Woods Cemetery Association is working to preserve and restore this Cemetery and include Map, photos, and contact info on the website.

208 Photos of 2021 Reunion, Thursday, the first day 1.29GB, no edit nor cleanup.

61 Photos 2021 reunion, Friday and Saturday, the second and third days 235 MB. a few renamed but still no edit nor cleanup.

Here are 3 zip bundles of photos from the First Woods Family Reunion in October 2018.

First bundle contains photos from the church on Friday, cemetery on Saturday, scans of old photos, abstract of Woods homestead and some miscellaneous things.

Second bundle contains photos of some of the gravestones in Woods Cemetery. These are the photos that have been labeled and ready to use or print. Some maybe cropped or edited for ease of reading. This bundle does not include every gravestone, most, but not all.

Third bundle is the master file that does have all that I have photographed up to Oct 11 and have no edits other than a few have been renamed.

The zip bundles are large, over 500 MB each, but should download when the link is clicked, and should open on your computer when you click the zip image. Please let me know if you have trouble with either the download or opening the zip file.

New, 4th bundle has gravestone in Jefferson Cemetery, Bentonville.

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Questions, additions, corrections, and comments to Arthur Bowie, Bentonville, Arkansas. .

22 May 2021- photos friday & saturday 2021 reunion