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Photos of descendants of Stephen Clayton Flynt , a few include spouses.

Although we have started with Richard Flynt who died Jan 1719 in Lancaster County Virginia, we have little more that wills to follow the first few generations of his descendents. Since there seems to be several Richard Flynts in each generation I've added a number as middle initial to the first five Richards and a couple of Thomas

My emphasis lately has been on Richard 5 who was born 1779 in Stokes County, North Carolina and died 1844 in Hardeman County, Tennessee. His mother, Sally Martin was first married to his father Richard 4, abt 1752-1781 and in 1782 married father's brother Thomas 4. Richard 5 and his brother Martin married Clayton sisters about 1805-7 in NC, and may have been first of the Flynt family to migrate into south central Tennessee, in area of present day Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Eldest son of Richard 5 was Stephen Clayton Flynt born 1808 in Tennessee, his younger sister Mary P Dodson, children of brother Fountain,and at possibly four of his own children, Richard M, Harriet, Caroline, and Emily V,came into Arkansas just before the Civil War about 1861-2 and where many descendants remain today.

Extended Family Here are the families that mostly connect at my generation, some don't connect but may be friends or historical interest.

We'd appreciate your help to find more family photos and checking the labels on the photos we already have. I'm pretty sure that some are mis-label by either name or date.

Cemeteries More information on several cemeteries

Chart- Descendants of Richard 5 Flynt,1779-1844

Descendants of Flynt, Richard M - 28 grandchildren.pdf

Descendants of Baldwin, M F - 29 grandchildren.pdf



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