Ira Ellis Shelton


Personal and Family Information

Ira was born on 31 Mar 1812 in Virginia, the son of Charles Coleman Shelton and Elizabeth Shelton.

He died on 7 Dec 1895 in Lonoke County, Arkansas.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Elizabeth Ann T. Goodman, who he married on 11 NOV 1842 in Todd County, Kentucky. Their nine known children were Margaret A (1845-1886), Francis Marion (1846-1926), Zachariah (1848-1917), Mary (1850-1863), Catherine Ellen (1853-1926), Chrissilva (1853-1858), Penelope Adeline (1855-1938), Virginia E (1857-1881) and William Henry (1861-1897).

His second wife was Rachel A Taylor, who he married on 1 Aug 1863 in Lawrence County, Missouri. Their five known children were John Lee (1864-1921), Parlee (1866-1947), Malinda M (1870-?), Jessie Bird (1875-1947) and Oliver Monroe (1877-1960).

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Ira Ellis Shelton


Charles Coleman Shelton


Beverly B Shelton


Crispin Shelton


Letita Buford


Ann B Coleman


Samuel S Coleman


Elizabeth Wyatt


Elizabeth Shelton


Gabriel Shelton


Crispin Shelton


Letita Buford


Elizabeth Shepherd


George Shepherd


Elizabeth Mary Angelicke Day



Birth31 MAR 1812
Place: Virginia
Death7 DEC 1895
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Age: 83
Address: Mule team ran away with him, lived a short while. Research of Mary Lou Lamb, Benton Arkansas
Census21 AUG 1850
Place: Livingston county Kentucky
Age: 35
Address: dwelling 358 family 358, Ira Shelton age 35 male farmer born Virginia Elizabeth 35 f Tenn, Margaret “ 5 f KY, Francis “ age 4 f KY, Zackorinh age 2 m born KY Wm P Gooman, age 51 m farmer Virginia Henry H “ 26 m farmer Virginia Catherine “ 21 f Virginia William “ 18 m Tenn Cristaman “ 16 m Tenn
Census2 JUL 1860
Place: Lawrence County, Missouri
Age: 40
Address: Vineyard Township, dwelling 1025, family 985 I. E. Shelton age 40, m, farmer $500, $600 born Va E,A. “ 40 f VA Margaret “ 16 f KY, Francis M “ 16 f KY, Zachaniah “ a2 m KY Mary “ 10 f KY, C.E. “ 7 f KY, APS “ age 5 f KY, Virginia “ age 3 f Wisconsin
Census2 SEP 1870
Place: Clay County, Missouri
Age: 58 born Virginia
Address: Fishing River Twp, dwelling 237 family 237 with new wife Rachie, and 5 children Sarah A, Wm, & Roxana Lamb, and John L and Parlee Shelton
Census 1870, Missouri, Clay County, Fishing River Township, Liberty Post Office
Source: Census 1870, Missouri, Clay County, Fishing River Township, Liberty Post Office
Authors: US Federal Census
Date: 2 SEP 1870

Census-ClayMissouri 1870 D237

Census14 JUN 1880
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Age: 67 born East Virginia
Address: Gray Twp dwelling 27 family 27 Shelton, Ira E wm age 67 married, farmer born S? Virginia f&m S? Virginia __ Racheal A, wf age 41 wife, married , keeping house, born Indiana, f&m Delaware __ John G wm age 15 son single Labor, born Missouri f E Virginia, m Indiana __ ParaLee, wf age 13, daughter single, born Missouri f E Virginia, m Indiana __ Malinda wf age 10 daughter single, born Missouri f E Virginia, m Indiana __ Jesse B wm age 5 son single, born Missourif E Virginia, m Indiana __ Oliver M , wm age 2 son single born Arkanasas, f E Virginia, m Indiana Lamb, William J wm age 21 step son single, born Missouri, f Kentucky, m Ind __ Rose Ann, wf age 18 stepdaughter, single, born Missouri, f Kentucky, m Ind
Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
Source: Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
Date: JUN 1880

Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Age: 83
Address: Burris Branch Cemetery, Lonoke County, Ark, mortally injured by runaway mule train Find A Grave Memorial# 13363586, duplicate 199958849


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Note 1

Ira born 1812 in “east” Virginia per family notes. I assume that state of Virginia and not West Virginia

Mary Lou Lamb, Benton Arkansas first places Ira about 1845-1850 in Livingston County Kentucky,

Dec 1862 buried Wife and 2 children Lawrence County, Mo

Aug 1863 married widow Rachel Taylor Lamb in Lawrence County, Mo

1864-1875 in Lawrence County, Missouri, 1895 on Jacksonville railroad in Lonoke County, Ark

Census Sept 1870, he, Rachel and 5 children in Clay County, Missouri

Census June 1880, he, Rachel, 5 children, stepson &wife in Lonoke County, Ark.

“Ellis family records” (1698/1703 )are mentioned in Bio of Ralph Shelton who took mother’s maiden name instead of father’s surname

Bickley’s bond in King William Record Book 1, pp 207-208; Ellis Family Record filed at Institute of American Genealogy, Chicago, IL.


filed as “Bio-SheltonRalph1955.pdf”

Note 2

"John Lee Shelton's Family Bible [in possession of his daughter, Elsie {Shelton} Byrd} was source of date of marriage of Ira E. Shelton and Rachel Taylor"  Family Bible also source of "date on Rachel and Malinda, and birth on Oliver Monroe Shelton.  This Bible contained information on George Washington and Fermeley Shelton, but did not say which family they belong to.  It appears from dates of birth of George Washington Shelton and Malinda M. Shelton were twins.  Other information in the Bible on unidentified people included Gernoley Shelton, died 28 Sep 1869, Winday Shelton, died 19 Jun 1871 and Lucy Kendall, died 4 Sep 1900."

Rachel Taylor named in probate of William S Taylor 1847, Missouri

Note 3

Oliver’s grandson, Stan 2C 1R, 66cM 5 seg, (and son of Ellis E), results of Y-111 with FTDNA in R-M269, descendant of he Ralph Shelton line from Middlesex, VA has such distinct DNA to give much better idea of where to direct research. Autosomal DNA matches and thru lines on return many matches for Shelton line : Ira Ellis, Charles Coleman, Beverly B, and Crispin Shelton 1713-1794

Note 4

Civil War Pension for the soldier Lamb, John Q names dependent widow Lamb, Rachel filed 1863, May 1, app 20064 and cert 188879

and guardian of a minor, Shelton, Ira E, filed 1867, Oct 21, app 153696, cert 188880

Note 5

GIDEON T. SHELTON pages 251-252:

Gideon T. SHELTON, farmer, is the son of Moses H. SHELTON, who was born in Virginia in 1804. He married Nancy C. SHELTON, a distant relative, and to them were born thirteen children, ten of whom are now living: William E., Mary A., Crispin R., Virginia F., Charles C., Gideon T., John D., Lettsey C., James B. and Walter C. Mr. and Mrs. Shelton immigrated to Kentucky about 1833, taking with them the two eldest children. They settled in this State near the Tennessee line. Here Mr. Shelton remained with his family for about fourteen years and then removed to Lawrence County, Mo., and settled in Vineyard Township; this was in 1847. He was the owner of 500 acres of land, and was quite a prominent man. He died in 1868 at the age of sixty-five, and was a Democrat in his political views. Mrs. Shelton was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.

Gideon T. Shelton was born in Kentucky in 1840, and came with his parents to Missouri in 1847, when a lad of seven or eight years. He received a limited education, and early in life learned the business of a farmer. In 1861 he enlisted in Company A, Thirteenth Missouri Cavalry, Confederate Army, and served about twelve months. He was in the battles of Pea Ridge and Neosho and also numerous skrmishes {sic}. Mr. Shelton served as orderly sergeant and was captured the latter part of 1862 by the Federal troops. He was kept a prisoner about one month, and was then released on parole.

In 1863 he married Miss Susan E. SWEARINGEN, the daughter of Nicholas and Mary (MAHAN) SWEARINGEN, of Cooper County, Mo. Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Shelton: Charles W., Theodore M., John N. B. and Mary L. E. Mrs. Shelton died in 1871, and Mr. Shelton married Miss Nancy J. WILLIAMS in 1872. She was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (COCK) WILLIAMS, who were from Tennessee, and became early settlers of Lawrence County. This last union resulted in the birth of one child, George S. In 1877 Mr. Shelton purchased his present farm, which consists of 285 acres of land very pleasantly situated.

Mrs. Shelton died in 1880, and Mr. Shelton married Miss P. A. SHELTON in 1881. She is the daughter of I. E. SHELTON and Elizabeth (GOODMAN) SHELTON. This last union resulted in the birth of two children, Jennie B. and Elbert L. Mr. Shelton is a prosperous farmer and a man of good moral character. He is a Democrat in politics, and he and wife are Baptists in their religious views.

From "A Reprint of Goodspeed's 1888 History of Lawrence County; Reprint Lawrence County Section of Goodspeed's Newton, Lawrence, Barry And McDonald Counties History; published by the Goodspeed Publishing Co., in 1888; Reprinted by Litho Printers Of Cassville, Missouri In 1973." as transcribed by JJR.

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Note 6

Livingston County Kentucky Marriage Records, Volume II

"Lay, Thomas J - Chrischany J Goodman Married 4/15/1856 by Willis Champion, pg, at elis shelton's in prescence of William Thompson, Joseph Tolley, David Barnes (clerk entered 4/5/1856 erroneously in register return. original return shows 4/15/1856. license and bond issued 4/12/1856. bondsman j e shelton, groom age 32, b liv co bride age 22 b hockings co, tn (*no hockings co found-hawkins co?) bride also given as christanny j goodman. consent : "to the clerk...this is to certify that you are authorized to issue license to solemnize the rite of matrimony between thomas j lay and miss chrischany j goodman who is of age. given under my hand this 12th day of april 1856" /s/ chrischany j goodman wit j e shelton, elizabeth ann shelton."

Source: 10 May 2013 E-mail from Margaret Rathunde


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    Source: Census 1870, Missouri, Clay County, Fishing River Township, Liberty Post Office
    Authors: US Federal Census
    Date: 2 SEP 1870
  2. Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
    Source: Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
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