James Motheral Walker


Personal and Family Information

James was born on 17 May 1834 in Williamson County, Tennessee, the son of Joel Walker and Mary Motheral.

He died on 22 Sep 1895 in Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Ellen Jane Driver, who he married on 25 JUN 1872 in DeSoto County, Mississippi. Their three known children were Mary (1871-1918), William Gray (1868-1905) and Hugh Arthur (1876-1966).

His second partner was Caniza Reeves, but they were never married. Their only known child was Arthur (1881-1941).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


James Motheral Walker


Joel Walker


Allen Walker


Esther McCrory


Thomas Ira McCrory


Hannah Crawford


Mary Motheral


John Motheral


Jane Currie



Birth17 MAY 1834
Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
Address: inscription on gravestone
Death22 SEP 1895
Place: Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi
Age: 61y 4m 8d
Census29 OCT 1850
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Address: dwelling 657, family 657 Mary Walker age 52 f born Tenn J “ 19 m Tenn, M “ age 18 f Tenn, J age 16 m Tenn Jos Walker age 14 m Tenn, CA age 11 f Tenn, J age 9 m Tenn
Census7 NOV 1850
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Address: Southern Division, Slave Schedule, James F Walker 41 black slaves, most male and 6 adult females, ages 70 to 3 month old twins.
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 25 to 26
Address: dwelling 1218 family 1218 Mary Walker age 53, female, farmer, $3200, $19,518 born NC J.M ditto age 26 male $150 born Tenn
Census20 JUL 1860
Place: Tishomingo County, Mississippi
Address: Slave Scheulde, James M Walker 31 Slaves, male and female, ages 70 to 1 See Also MS 1860 Federal Census Index, page 26, M.M. Walker, DeSoto County, Hernando—text only collection on Ancestry
Census23 AUG 1870
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 36
Address: dwelling 41 family 37, Stokes, M.A. age 45 fw farming, $16,000 $3.300 born Alabama Driver, E.J. age 28 fw keeping house born Mississippi, Stokes, LJ age 25, Mary 22, MB 21, Walker JM age 35 mw farmer born Tenn Rutland L. D. age 7 fw born Miss, no name age 2 mw, no name mw age 4/12 and 2 black female, 1 black male
Census-1870MIss, DeSoto, page5

Census-1870MIss, DeSoto, page6

Census16 JUN 1880
Place: Tate County, Mississippi
Age: 46
Address: dwelling 204 family 209, Walker JM wm age 38 born Tenn, f NC m Tenn with family dwelling 205 family 210 Sulivan C wf age 40 widow, born Tenn f NC m Nc Bouie JM age 21 Bouie Mary A age 19
Census-1880, Miss,Senatobia

Census-1880MIss-Tate-extract from index

Census-1880 Miss Tate Senatobia

BurialSEP 1895
Place: Tate County, Mississippi
Address: Bethesda Cemetery, Senatobia with wife Ellen Jane findagrave 15481368 “Born in Williamson Co. Tenn, Died at Senatobia Miss. Col of the 10th Regt Miss Vols C.S.A.”

Place: Tate County, Mississippi
Address: Probate of JM Walker deceased did make and publish last will and testatment, appointed Wade Bynum Executor
Probate-Walker,JM 1895

WILL21 SEP 1895
Place: Tate County, Mississippi
Address: Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi will book 1, pages 203 to 205
Will-Walker, James M. Page 203

Will-Walker, James M. Page 205

Place: Mississippi
Type: Military
Address: confederate, confederate, 10th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, company F&S, company F&S Rank in Captain, Rank Out Colonel see also http://www.msgw.org/desoto/military/10MSInfCoA.html http://www.msgw.org/desoto/military/9InfVarCos.html
Missisippi 10th Infantry

See Note 4


Doris Bowie ...
DNA Match-Wa...
NPE -Walker-...


Note 1

Non paternity event/NPE/Not Parent Expected AFB’s FamilyTreeDNA Kit 926600 Y-DNA-111 in Jan 2020 in Haplogroup I-A7115. positive on 54 SNP and has two matches at Genetic Distance 2, two at Gen Dist 3, three at Gen Dist 4, and more than twenty matches from Genetic Distance 5 to 10, most with Walker name, all in group 2 of the Walker Project.

AFB’s Ancestry DNA shows many matches and ThruLines with Allan Walker/Esther McCory, and John Motheral/Jane Currie families, strongest matches are in Joel Walker and Mary Motheral descendants. AFB has marked more than 250 shared DNA matches in Walker/Motheral, McCrory, Allen group.

No Bowie/Buie/variant have shown in either Y-DNA or Ancestry DNA before grandchilden of Arthur Bowie 1881-1941

It is possible to image several theories to name parents of Arthur Bowie 1881-1941, however the most likely and simplest is that James Motheral Walker is his father and Caniza Reeves (Buie/Sullivan/Bowie) is his mother. June 1880 census of Tate County, Mississippi, shows James M Walker living (dwelling 204, family 209) next to Caniza Sullivan, twice widowed with her two adult children, (dwelling 205, family 210). Arthur born in May 1881.

Note 2

10th Infantry Regiment, Mississippi Muster Date: 9 Apr 1865

Regiment State: Mississippi Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 10th


Fought on 14 Sep 1862 at Munfordville, KY.

Fought on 3 Dec 1862 at Oxford, MS.

Fought on 12 Jan 1863 at Savannah, TN.

Fought on 28 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA.

Fought on 31 Aug 1864 at Jonesboro, GA.

Fought on 1 Sep 1864 at Atlanta, GA.

also http://www.msgw.org/desoto/military/10MSInfCoA.html

Walker, James A.

Company A in- Private out- Private

27 Mar 1861 d 2 Mar 1863

Died 2 Mar 63 at Guntown, MS.  Sent to interior hospital wounded 13 May 62. 

Walker, James M. company A

IN - Captain out- Colonel

27 Mar 1861, w 7 Apr 1862

Resigned due to ill health 27 Feb 63.  Wounded 6 or 7 Apr 62 at Shiloh, TN.  Promoted to Lt. Col. 15 Sep 62 from captain.  Promoted to colonel 11 Dec 62. Transferred from (old) Co. E, 9th MS Infantry.

Walker, Joel P. company A

in- Private, out- Private

27 Mar 1861 w 14 May 1864

Paroled 19 May 65 at Jackson, MS.  Wounded 14 May 64 at Resaca, GA.  Previously served in (old) Co. E, 9th MS Infantry.

see also http://www.msgw.org/desoto/military/9InfVarCos.html

Walker, James M. Co E 2nd Lt. 1st Lt.

Walker, Joel P. Co E Sergeant Private

Walker, William H. Co E Private Private

Walker, James A. Co I Private Private

Walker, James P. Co I Private Private

Walker, Samuel L. Co I Lieutenant 2nd Lt.

Walker, W.H. Co I Private Corporal

Note 3

1870 Census Desoto County MIss-dwelling 41 family 39-

E J Driver age 28, is single with widowed mother Mary A. Stokes age 45 born Ala, (first marriage with Luke Driver, 2nd marriage Young C Stokes)

on the next page, apparently same house 41 same family 37

are other children of Mary A Stokes: LJ Stokes fw age 25, Mary Stokes fw age 22w, MB Stokes mw age 21

and her 3 grandchildren, children of daughter EJ Driver LD Rutland female age 7 f, and two male Rutland 2. amd 4 months, no names.

In this same house & family is J.M. Walker age 35 mw farmer, born Tennessee, future husband of Ellen J Driver/Rutland

Next in 1880 Census JM Walker and now wife Ellen have 3 children WG (ie, William Gray named for her guardian Uncle or GrandDad) age 12, but must be younger because not in 1870 census, M daughter age 7, and T? (Hugh Arthur) a son age 4

LD Rutland is listed as stepdaughter to JM Walker age 38 and Ell age 32; Implies EJ Driver had earlier marriage to Rutland.

Miss LB Rutland married C.W. Rutland 3 Feb 1887, Desoto County, Miss.

http://www.msgw.org/desoto/court/probate.html Probate Court Records, Desoto County

Recorded 05 Jan 1847: pg 354 Estate of Luke L DRIVER:

Assigned to Mary Ann STOKES - DICK, a negro man, DELCY, a negro girl;

Assigned to Ellen J. DRIVER DAUFSA?, - a negro man, LYDIA, a negro girl.

April 1845, DeSoto County, William Gray applies for letter Guardianship for Ellen Jane Driver, minor heir of Luke S Driver deceased. William might be either be her uncle William B born 1828 and living same house 1850 census or her grandfather William born 1797 living next house in 1850 census

1850 census, Desoto County has Elen Driver age 8 born Miss with YC Stokes 32 Physician born Va and Margaret A Stokes 25 f Ala and children Lelia J age 5, Mary age 3 and MB age 1.. same house Wm B Gray 22 male Physican born Ala and his son LC age 5 born Miss

Mary A Stokes (aka Margaret) 2 Aug 1825 Ala to 26 Nov 1895. buried State Line Cemetery, Texarkana, Miller county, Ark findagrave 138945309

note also in same cemetery Fannie G Flynt Stokes 1858-1891, findagrave 138945298

d/o Martin Flynt, Esther A. Havior/Favor - m. 18 Sep 1850, DeSoto, Mississippi

1st w/o M. B. Stokes, m. 2 Dec 1874, Desoto, Mississippi

~Sibling~ Walter Flynt (1857- ) Richard Flynt (1861- ) William B. Flynt (1867-1903)

Note 4

U.S., American Civil War Regiments, 1861-1866 Regiment:

10th Infantry Regiment Mississippi Muster Date: 9 Apr 1865

Regiment State: Mississippi Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 10th

Battles: Fought on 14 Sep 1862 at Munfordville, KY.

Fought on 3 Dec 1862 at Oxford, MS.

Fought on 12 Jan 1863 at Savannah, TN.

Fought on 28 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA.

Fought on 31 Aug 1864 at Jonesboro, GA.

Fought on 1 Sep 1864 at Atlanta, GA.

Regiment History:

Chickamagua after battle report:

Report of Lieut. Col. James Barr, Tenth Mississippi Infantry.


October 4, 1863.

CAPT.:I have the honor to submit the following report of the part my regiment took in the late battle of Chickamauga:

After marching all night from La Fayette, Ga., arriving on the morning of September 18 on the east bank of Chickamauga Creek, we formed line of battle and rested until the morning of the 19th. About 12 m. crossed the creek; again formed in line; rested until 10.30 a. m. the morning of the 20th.

Ordered forward as a supporting line to Brig.-Gen.'s Deas and Manigault. Arriving immediately behind the first line under a heavy fire of small-arms and artillery, was ordered to charge the enemy, posted on a very strong ridge with three pieces of cannon (one brass Parrott, one brass rifle, and one brass howitzer) directly in front of the center of my regiment. My men answered to the call promptly, and nobly did they perform their duty,

crossing over and beyond the first line of battle, driving the foe from their position, and shooting down the artillerists at their guns (the last one being discharged when my men were within 20

paces of it), completely routing them. Here it was my color sergeant (Martin V. Denham) was killed while bravely carrying the standard well to the front. After pursuing them nearly 1 1/4 miles, leaving the captured artillery behind us, was ordered to halt and form. This being done we marched back about a quarter of a mile in rear of the

ridge the enemy was driven from; formed line of battle; changed direction to the right under fire from artillery, one shell bursting in the center of Company D, wounding 6 men, 2 of whom have died since. Then moved by the right flank a short distance. Being then placed on the extreme left of the brigade, was ordered forward to attack the enemy. Driving back their first line, their second attacked us, and seeing my regiment nearly surrounded

[we] fell back about 200 yards; formed and advanced the second time. Compelled to retire by vastly superior number and the wantof support on my left, I fell back to the old position, formed and again advanced,

fighting superior numbers for a long time. My ammunition becoming exhausted, and the rifles so choked the

men were compelled to force the balls home by hammering the ends of their ramrods against trees--reporting these facts to Brig. Gen. Patton Anderson, he ordered me to hold my position until the expected re-enforcements arrived. I did so. Upon their arrival we were relieved and retired to the road about 300 yards in rear of the enemy's strongest position, which we had attacked and fought for nearly four hours with a cartridges; had guns washed

and cleaned; stacked arms, and rested from the fatigues of the day, expecting to renew the battle on the morning of the 21st; but morning found the enemy gone and our cavalry in pursuit.

I take great pleasure in mentioning for conspicuous bravery Sergt. James Franks, Company E; Private James Bridges, Company H, and Color Corpl. William Clark, Company F, who gallantly carried the colors through the afternoon's fighting. Also for gallant conduct: Company A, First Sergt. P. Bradley, Sergts. L. T. Glaze, J. O. Phillips, and Dean, Corporals Collins and Jackson, Privates Cooper, J. P. Walker, A. J. Bradford, J. L.

McCarcle, and D. Logan; Company B, First [Sergt.] F. D. Chaplin and Sergeant Benzell, Corporals Douglas, C. Eustis, and S. Orr, Privates G. T. Eisele, C. Irvine, James Wright, William Wells, C. Jacquemine, and S. W. Griffen; Company C, Privates William F. Law, Thomas Crayton, and William Marrs; Company

D, Privates William Wells, H. Moode, and H. K. Bell; Company F, Sergt. D. O'Brien, Private Barney McCabe, who

died within reach of his bayonet of the enemy; Company G, Privates L. G. Bullard, N. J. Brown, D. C. Tomkins, and J. H. Wright; Company K, Privates J. M. Prince, M. V. Hopper, Grant Holly, W. C. Lesley, and T. L. C. Gresham; Company A, Capt. A. W. Fleming, Lieut.'s W. L. Lundy, D. W. C. Smith, and J. G. McGowan; Company B, Capt. R. A. Inge, Lieut.'s T. Otis Baker, J. J. Hart, and J. J. Gobeau; Company C, Lieut.'s S. B. Jackson and Henry Brown; Company D, Capt. George Dobson, Lieut.'s J. W. Fite and J. W. Clingan; Company E, Lieut.'s W. F. Harper and T. G. Bean; Company H, Capt. T. J. Sharp, Lieut.'s R. H. L. Ray and P. S. Brown; Company K, Capt. Stewart.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieut.-Col., Comdg. Tenth Mississippi Regt.


Acting Assistant Adjutant-Gen.

Source: Official Records


[Series I. Vol. 30. Part II, Reports. Serial No. 51.]


Old" 10th Mississippi[edit]

The 10th Mississippi Infantry was organized in March 1861 with an original enrollment of 841 officers and men for a term of one year. Among the officers was future Confederate general Joseph R. Davis, a nephew of President Jefferson Davis. The original companies, under the command of Col. Seaburne M. Phillips, were:[1]

Company A - Mississippi Rifles (Hinds County)

Company B - Ben Bullard Rifles (Itawamba County)

Company C - Port Gibson Riflemen, aka Port Gibson Rifles (Claiborne County)

Company D - Lowndes Southrons (Lowndes County)

Company E - Southern Avengers (Lowndes County)

Company F - Hill City Cadets (Warren County)

Company G - Rankin Rifles (Rankin County)

Company H - Bahala Rifles (Copiah County)

Company I - Madison Rifles (Madison County)

Company K - Yazoo Minute Rifles (Yazoo County)

The troops assembled in Mobile, Alabama, and were transported to Pensacola, Florida, for garrison duty there to help man the coastal defenses. They encamped near Fort Barrancas, opposite Fort Pickens and Santa Rosa Island, both held by Union troops. Several companies engaged in building new fortifications or strengthening existing ones, as well as supporting the artillery crews during periodic bombardments over four months. Colonel Phillips and scores of other men died of disease while stationed near Pensacola. The depleted regiment fought in the Battle of Santa Rosa Island in October 1861.

In February 1862, the regiment was sent back to Mississippi, where it was brigaded with other Mississippi troops under the overall command of Col. James R. Chalmers. The term of enlistment expired in March.

"New" 10th Mississippi[edit]

The regiment was reorganized at Corinth on March 15, 1862, for a term of two years. The new companies were:[1]

Company A - Horn Lake Volunteers [formerly Co. E, 9th MS Infantry] (DeSoto County)

Company B - Natchez Southrons [also listed as Co. C] (Adams County)

Company C - Ben Bullard Rifles [also listed as Co. D] (Itawamba County)

Company D - Mississippi Rifles [also listed as Co. G] (Hinds County)

Company E - Lowndes Southrons (Lowndes County)

Company F - Port Gibson Rifleman (Claiborne County)

Company G - Fulton Guards [also listed as Co. B] (Itawamba County)

Company H - Rankin Rifles [also listed as Co. A] (Rankin County)

Company I - Bahala Rifles (Copiah County)

Company K - Beauregard Relief (Tippah County)

Company L - Capt. Finley’s Company

Company M - Capt. Dobson’s Company

Company N - Capt. Bell’s Company

Company O - Capt. Inge’s Company

Company P - Capt. Betts’ Company

In April, the new 10th, now under the command of Col. Robert A. Smith and numbering only 360 men, fought in the Battle of Shiloh in West Tennessee. It later participated in Braxton Bragg's Kentucky Campaign and suffered significant casualties at the Battle of Munfordville, including Colonel Smith. Chalmers' Brigade, including the 10th Mississippi, was part in the advance toward Louisville in September. Under Col. James Barr, Jr., the 10th fought in the Battle of Perryville before retreating with Bragg's beaten army across the Cumberland Gap on October 20. Marching through Tennessee, the regiment camped near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in November. It fought in the subsequent Battle of Stones River in late December and early January 1863.

The 10th again was part of a general Confederate retreat, finally encamping near Tullahoma, Tennessee, until July 1863 when it advanced to Chattanooga and then on to Bridgeport, Alabama. It subsequently participated in the Chickamauga Campaign in September and in the attack on Missionary Ridge at Chattanooga in November before retreating to winter quarters near Dalton, Georgia.

In the spring and summer of 1864, the 10th participated in the Atlanta Campaign. Colonel Barr was mortally wounded in the Battle of Marietta and replaced by James M. Walker. The survivors were part of the Franklin-Nashville Campaign in November before wintering near Meridian, Mississippi. In the spring of 1865, the consolidated regiment took part in the Carolinas Campaign before surrendering with the army of Joseph E. Johnston at Bennett Place in North Carolina in April.


Seaborn M. Phillips, died at Pensacola

Robert A. Smith, killed at Munfordville

James Barr, Jr., died in Georgia

James M. Walker, resigned