Mary Motheral


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born on 24 Aug 1798 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, the daughter of John Motheral and Jane Currie.

She died on 23 Sep 1862 in DeSoto County, Mississippi.

Her husband was Joel Walker, who she married on 20 APR 1830 in Williamson County, Tennessee. Their six known children were John Allen (1831-1862), Mary Jane (1832-1893), James Motheral (1834-1895), Joseph Franklin (1836-1858), Katharine Anne (1839-1916) and Joel Philips (1840-1918).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Motheral


John Motheral


Jane Currie



Birth24 AUG 1798
Place: Rutherford County, Tennessee
Death23 SEP 1862
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 64
Census29 OCT 1850
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Address: dwelling 657, family 657 Mary Walker age 52 f born Tenn J “ 19 m Tenn, M “ age 18 f Tenn, J age 16 m Tenn Jos Walker age 14 m Tenn, CA age 11 f Tenn, J age 9 m Tenn
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 61 to 62
Address: dwelling 1218 family 1218 Mary Walker age 53, female, farmer, $3200, $19,518 born NC J.M ditto age 26 male $150 born Tenn
BurialSEP 1862
Place: Lee County, Mississippi
Address: Shannon Cemetery, findagrave 24958321, links to 3 children Died at the age of 64. Sister of Catherine Motheral Shannon (who married Samuel Shannon, Jr.), Mary married Dr. Joel Walker on April 20, 1830, in Williamson County, Tennessee.
Will20 DEC 1822
Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
Address: signed will 20 Dec 1822 names daughters Katharine Shannon, Anne Mcretchen, Mary Motheral sons James Motheral, Joseph Motheral, grandsons Joh Currie Kirpatrick and William Alexander Kirkpatrick
Will-Motheral,John 1822

Will-Motheral,John 1824 Proven

WillSEP 1844
Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
Address: Page 170 probate- appoints Mary Walke executrux,
Probate-WalkerJoel 1844


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DAR Walker,J...
DAR-Bynum Sm...
DeathCert - ...
DNA Match-Wa...


Note 1

Non paternity event/NPE/Not Parent Expected AFB’s FamilyTreeDNA Kit 926600 Y-DNA-111 in Jan 2020 in Haplogroup I-A7115. positive on 54 SNP and has two matches at Genetic Distance 2, two at Gen Dist 3, three at Gen Dist 4, and more than twenty matches from Genetic Distance 5 to 10, most with Walker name, all in group 2 of the Walker Project.

AFB’s Ancestry DNA shows many matches and ThruLines with Allan Walker/Esther McCory, and John Motheral/Jane Currie families, strongest matches are in Joel Walker and Mary Motheral descendants. AFB has marked more than 250 shared DNA matches in Walker/Motheral, McCrory, Allen group.

No Bowie/Buie/variant have shown in either Y-DNA or Ancestry DNA before grandchilden of Arthur Bowie 1881-1941

It is possible to image several theories to name parents of Arthur Bowie 1881-1941, however the most likely and simplest is that James Motheral Walker is his father and Caniza Reeves (Buie/Sullivan/Bowie) is his mother. June 1880 census of Tate County, Mississippi, shows James M Walker living (dwelling 204, family 209) next to Caniza Sullivan, twice widowed with her two adult children, (dwelling 205, family 210). Arthur born in May 1881.

Note 2 information: Spouse: William Joseph BYNUM Birth: 3 Aug 1826 Greenville, Co. Va.

Death: 10 Dec 1907 Amarillo, Tex. Burial: Horn Lake, Desoto Co. Ms.

Katharine Anne Walker Marriage: Sep 21 1859 Horn Lake, Desoto Co., Miss


Father: Joel Walker

Birth: May 6 1789 Rockingham NC

Death: Aug 29 1844 Williamson TN

Burial: Motheral Family, Franklin/Williason TN

Mother Mary Motherall Walker

Marriage: Apr 30 1830 Davidson TN/Apr 17 1830 Williamson TN


Paternal Grandfather: Allen Walker

Birth: 14 Feb 1758 Rockingham Co., NC

Death: 1817 Centerville, TN

Paternal Grandmother: Esther McCrory

Birth: 1767 county Antrim, Ireland

Death: 1845


Paternal GGrandfather: James Walker

Paternal GGrandmother: Sarah Allen


Maternal Grandfather: Capt Thomas McCrory

Birth: 1735 County Antrim, Ireland

Death: 2 Nov 1777 Bluff City, Sullivan County TN.

Burial: Weaver Cemetery, Bluff City, Sullivan Co

Maternal Grandmother: Hannah Crawford

Birth: 1732 County Antrim Ireland

Marriage: 1756


Maternal GGrandfather: Hugh McCrory

Maternal GGrandmother: Elizabeth UnknownKatherine Bymun 61 Mar 1839 Wife

Sallie L Bymun 24 May 1876 Daughter

Katharine Anne Walker Bynum findagrave 28827030