Ellen Jane Driver


Personal and Family Information

Ellen was born on 1 Apr 1842 in Mississippi, the daughter of Luke S Driver and Mary Ann Gray.

She died on 27 Sep 1901 in Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi.

Her husband was James Motheral Walker, who she married on 25 JUN 1872 in DeSoto County, Mississippi. Their three known children were Mary (1871-1918), William Gray (1868-1905) and Hugh Arthur (1876-1966).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Ellen Jane Driver


Luke S Driver


Mary Ann Gray


William Gray


Jane Byrd



Birth1 APR 1842
Place: Mississippi
Death27 SEP 1901
Place: Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi
Census11 SEP 1850
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 8
Address: dwelling 180 family 180 YC Stokes age 32 male, physician, $200 born VA Margaret A “ 25 f born Ala Lelia J age 5 f Miss Mary 3 f Miss MB 1m Miss Elen Driver age 8 female born MIss Wm B Gray, age 22 m Physican born Ala LC “ age 5 m MIss dwelling 181 family 181 William Gray 53 m farmer $5,000 Tenn Thomas 19, Caroline 17 WT 14 Hw 10, James W 2
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 18
Address: dwelling 1292 family 1292 WC Rutland 32 m farmer $32,000 $65,417 born Miss LA 27f, GW 9m, SA 6f, WJ 4m, AA 2m dwelling 1298 family 1298 Mary A Stokes, age 35, female farmer $19,926 , $36,000 born Ala Ellen J Driver age 18 female, $9,000 born Miss LJ Stokes 15 f MIss MC ditto 12 f MIss MB ditto 12 m born MIss
Census23 AUG 1870
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 28
Address: dwelling 41 family 37 Stokes, M.A. age 45 fw farming, $16,000 $3.300 born Alabama Driver, E.J. age 28 fw keeping house born Mississippi Stokes, LJ age 25, mary 22, MB 21 Walker JM age 35 mw farmer born Tenn Rutland L. D. age 7 fw born Miss, no name age 2 mw, no name mw age 4/12 and 2 black female, 1 black male
Census-1870MIss, DeSoto, page5

Census-1870MIss, DeSoto, page6

Census16 JUN 1880
Place: Tate County, Mississippi
Age: 38
Address: dwelling 204 family 209, Walker JM wm age 38 born Tenn, f NC m Tenn with family dwelling 205 family 210 Sulivan C wf age 40 widow, born Tenn f NC m Nc Bouie JM age 21 Bouie Mary A age 19
Census-1880, Miss,Senatobia

Census-1880MIss-Tate-extract from index

Census-1880 Miss Tate Senatobia

Census2 JUN 1900
Place: Hinds County, Mississippi
Age: 57
Address: Beat 5, part of , sheet 3, line 3 State Insane Hospitial Ellen J Walker age 57, wf, patient, born 1842, married, mother of 3, 0 living, born Miss, parents unknown, can read, write, speak english June 5, ED 165 sheet 5A line 23 Walker, Mary, patient wf born 1871, age 28 single born Miss, f Tenn, m Miss
BurialSEP 1901
Place: Tate County, Mississippi
Address: Bethesda Cemetery, Senatobia section 2, with husband, links to 3 children findagrave 110986489 Wife of J. M. Walker
Will21 SEP 1895
Place: Tate County, Mississippi
Address: Senatobia, Tate County, Mississippi will book 1, pages 203 to 205
Will-Walker, James M. Page 203

Will-Walker, James M. Page 205

Other EventAPR 1845
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Type: Generic Event
Address: William Gray applies for letter Guardianship for Ellen Jane Driver, minor heir of Luke S Driver deceased
Guardian-Driver, EllenJane


Census-1880 ...


Note 1

1870 Census Desoto County MIss-dwelling 41 family 39-

E J Driver age 28, is single with widowed mother Mary A. Stokes age 45 born Ala, (first marriage with Luke Driver, 2nd marriage Young C Stokes)

on the next page, apparently same house 41 same family 37

are other children of Mary A Stokes: LJ Stokes fw age 25, Mary Stokes fw age 22w, MB Stokes mw age 21

and her 3 grandchildren, children of daughter EJ Driver LD Rutland female age 7 f, and two male Rutland 2. amd 4 months, no names.

In this same house & family is J.M. Walker age 35 mw farmer, born Tennessee, future husband of Ellen J Driver/Rutland

Next in 1880 Census JM Walker and now wife Ellen have 3 children WG (ie, William Gray named for her guardian Uncle or GrandDad) age 12, but must be younger because not in 1870 census, M daughter age 7, and T? (Hugh Arthur) a son age 4

LD Rutland is listed as stepdaughter to JM Walker age 38 and Ell age 32; Implies EJ Driver had earlier marriage to Rutland.

Miss LB Rutland married C.W. Rutland 3 Feb 1887, Desoto County, Miss.

http://www.msgw.org/desoto/court/probate.html Probate Court Records, Desoto County

Recorded 05 Jan 1847: pg 354 Estate of Luke L DRIVER:

Assigned to Mary Ann STOKES - DICK, a negro man, DELCY, a negro girl;

Assigned to Ellen J. DRIVER DAUFSA?, - a negro man, LYDIA, a negro girl.

April 1845, DeSoto County, William Gray applies for letter Guardianship for Ellen Jane Driver, minor heir of Luke S Driver deceased. William might be either be her uncle William B born 1828 and living same house 1850 census or her grandfather William born 1797 living next house in 1850 census

1850 census, Desoto County has Elen Driver age 8 born Miss with YC Stokes 32 Physician born Va and Margaret A Stokes 25 f Ala and children Lelia J age 5, Mary age 3 and MB age 1.. same house Wm B Gray 22 male Physican born Ala and his son LC age 5 born Miss

Mary A Stokes (aka Margaret) 2 Aug 1825 Ala to 26 Nov 1895. buried State Line Cemetery, Texarkana, Miller county, Ark findagrave 138945309

note also in same cemetery Fannie G Flynt Stokes 1858-1891, findagrave 138945298

d/o Martin Flynt, Esther A. Havior/Favor - m. 18 Sep 1850, DeSoto, Mississippi

1st w/o M. B. Stokes, m. 2 Dec 1874, Desoto, Mississippi

~Sibling~ Walter Flynt (1857- ) Richard Flynt (1861- ) William B. Flynt (1867-1903)