Burials in Woods Cemetery

Little Flock, Benton County, Arkansas

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This old cemetery had burials between 1840 and 1916. Apparently, most are Woods, extended family, or maybe just close neighbors.
Please help us fill in connections, details and corrections. Please understand that this page is still under active revision.

There were several Samuel Woods who were comtemporaries of Capt Samuel Woods, and also lived in Rowan County, N.C..... appears to be at least five connected Woods families in Colonial Rown County.... Dickson+Samuel Woods comments by Bennett Dickson 1998.

Captain Samuel Woods of King's Mountain and his descendents by Lucile Womack Bates as published in The Benton County Pioneer. volume 10, numbers 2 and 3, 1965.

The Woods Cemetery Association is working to preserve and restore this Cemetery and include Map, photos, and contact info on the website.

  1. Arnold, John S 20 Dec 1872 - 20 Sept 1873 son of Levi A Arnold and Tennesse Elder, who married 1869 Benton County.
  2. Arnold, Sevier 1876 - 1877 son of Levi A Arnold and Tennesse Elder, who married 1869 Benton County.
  3. Black, William Woods, 1830 -1897. CSA Vet, first married Margaret E Woods, second Sarah Jeffries.
  4. Braithwaite, John B, 1811 -1890 at south fence, center
  5. Braithwaite, Sarah S. Dickson, 1819 -1892, daughter of Robert Dickson and Esther Moore.
  6. Campbell, Ollie, inscription in part "Dau of W.O. & S.C. Campbell born July 31, 1894, died Dec 15. 1895"- Obit Dec 1895- "13 month old child of Mr & Mrs Campbell, clothes caught fire."
  7. Cavness, Infant Son 1886 1886, son of Jasper F and Martha Cavness
  8. Cavness, Jasper F., 1860 1910 husband of Martha Jane Woods. ....center south
  9. Cavness, Martha Jane Woods, 1862 1899 wife of Jasper F, daughter of Robert Samuel Woods and Martha Jane Maxwell.
  10. Cavness, Mattie Belle 1888 1889, daughter of Jasper F and Martha Cavness
  11. Deason, Sallie Bell Black 1868 1892 Wife of John Deason, daughter of William Woods Black and Margaret E Woods Partial Stone, we dusted with flour to read name and date, in center of cemetery.
  12. Dickson, Isaac F . 1842-1891. 1870 census has age 27 born Illinois wife Sarah, sons Cyrus 7, Silas 4 John 1, (great nephew of Robert Dickson); 1850 census he is age 8 with mother Jane and grandparents Curry
  13. Dickson, John Lawson, 1868-1899 son of Issac F Dickson and Sarah
  14. Ellis, David, 1806-1870 multiple Ellis -Dickson marriages
  15. Ellis, Margaret McEwen Dickson, 1815-1892 married 8 Feb 1842. Niece of Robert Dickson, Old Dickson Cemetery
  16. Faucett, A.P.1810-1862 married 1828 with Sabina Weedon 1804-1880
  17. Faucett, Sarah S., 1861-1862. dau of George F 1831-1910 and Elizabeth, granddaughter A.P. Faucett.
  18. Fortner S E d. 1868 --field stone.
    Maybe sister Susan Elizabeth, (born 1839 Tenn) of Joseph Fortner age 20 and Martha J Stroud age 18. both of Benton County, Ark married 30 May 1869
    Children of Elf D Fortner 1819-1879 and Margaret Neighbors 1815-1882, all listed 1860 Census in Dallas County, Missouri
  19. Fortner AM - 1840 ---- first know burial?? marker is broken, hand written, field stone.
  20. Hastings Maggie 1879 - 1900 daughter of Daughter of Eliz Black and Harvey R Hastings
  21. Kelton, Josephine America (Maxwell) 1863 1916 --wife of William D Kelton, daughter of Ozias D Maxwell & Mary A Woods. Last burial in Woods Cemetery? No Grave Stone
  22. Landers Opal L 1903 1907, daugther of James Newton Landers and Florence Lorette Woods
  23. Maxwell, Mary A Dixon, 1837-1886, wife of O.D. Maxwell, dau of Wm H Woods and Mary Dickson Woods. inscription on north face: “Three infants rest here”
  24. Maxwell, Ozias Denton , 1834-1915. first married Mary A Woods, brother of Martha Jane Maxwell Woods, CSA Vet
  25. Pierce, Robert S. 1790 1870 m 8 Jan 1851 widow Mary A Clack, (1812- 1861 Tx, maiden Henderson) Marshall County Alabama.. ancestry trees refer to uncle Bobby --uncle to who?
  26. Sprague Pythagoras, Rev 1799 1851 will entered Benton Cty Record pages 124-125 18 Oct 1851,
    buried beside daughter Jane who died 16 Feb 1847 at age 12,
    1850 census Benton Cty, born Vermont, 24 May 1824 married Leah Smith in Sangamon Illinois, 13? Children
  27. Stroud, Thomas, 17 April 1824 - 9 Oct 1871 per small gravestone.
  28. Stroud, Melinda Maxwell, 1830-1898. wife of Thomas Stroud, have not identified her parents
    Osage Twp 1870 census , -- dwelling 385 Thomas Stroud age 45 Ky and Malinda age 38 Tenn. No Grave Stone
  29. Weeks, William M. 1818-1867., married 27 Sept 1837 Annie Culpepper Dickson (dau of Joseph Dickson and Eleanor Rankin) in Shelby County, Illinois,
    2nd marriage 1855 to sister of Annie - widow Isabella Smith Dickson Storm 1825-1916, both marriages to nieces of Robert Dickson, Old Dickson Cemetery
  30. Woods, Anna Purviance, 1774 -1858 wife Samuel "East" Woods, daughter Col John Purviance.
  31. Woods, Charles S, 1873 -1893, son of James D. Woods and Celina Pace. west fence, center of cemetery
    Woods, Charlie R, 1873 1893, This is Charles S, son of James D. Woods, initial "R" is news paper typo.
  32. Woods, Elizabeth G. 1839-1843, daughter of Samuel P and Eliz G Woods, buried at grandfather's feet and between siblings.
  33. Woods, Elizabeth Greaves Dickson, 1809 -1891, wife of Samuel P. Woods, daughter of Robert Dickson and Esther Moore.
  34. Woods, Floy Lee 1893 1894 Daughter of William W. Woods and Eva Rosete Black Woods. SE corner
  35. Woods, James D., 1831 -1907 CSA Vet, son of Samuel "West" Woods who is buried Old Dickson Cemetery;
    first wife - Mary Emma, daughter of Samuel P Woods. Second wife Celina Pace, widow of Thomas Black
  36. Woods, John H. 1860-1904 , son of Robert S and Martha Jane Maxwell Woods. no Grave Stone
  37. Woods, John Riley, Sr., 1828-1900 husband of Margaret Ann Woods, son of Dysart Woods (Old dickson Cemetery) and Sarah Holmes
  38. Woods, Sarah Kate, 1854 -1884, daughter of James D Woods and Mary Emma Woods, buried beside her mother.
  39. Woods, Lucy Jane Hayden, 1849 -1882, wife of Robert David Woods
  40. Woods, Margaret Ann, 1832 -1882, wife of John Riley Woods, daughter of Samuel P Woods
  41. Woods, Margaret Celina Pace, 1835 -1917, wife first of Thomas j Black, second of James D Woods
  42. Woods, Martha Jane (Maxwell), 1842 -1899, wife of Robert Samuel Woods
  43. Woods, Mary Emma, 1834 -1863, , first wife of James D Woods
  44. Woods, Mary Emmaline, 1878-1893, age 16 years, dau of Robert S Woods and Martha Jane Maxwell of Pea Ridge.
  45. Woods, Mary E. (Mollie), 1866-1913, wife of John.H. Woods, m 24 Nov 1883, daughter of Robert David Woods. No Grave Stone
  46. Woods, Pearl Marie, 1898-1901 Daughter of William W. Woods and Eva Rosete Black Woods. SE corner of cemetery
  47. Woods, Robert David, 1843-1902 CSA Vet, son of Samuel P Woods
  48. Woods, Robbie J. 1866-1881. son of Robert S Woods and Martha Jane Maxwell
  49. Woods, Robert S., 1885-1916. father of Arthur Woods, husband of Lola, son of John H Woods
  50. Woods, Robert Samuel, 1835 -1901 CSA Vet, husband of Martha Jane Maxwell, son of William Harvey Woods
  51. Woods, Samuel Clement , 1869-1910. , husband of Mayme Hayes, son of Robert D Woods. No Grave Stone
  52. Woods, Samuel, 1776 -1840 husband of Anna Purviance, son Samuel Woods and Margaret Holmes.
  53. XXWoods, Samuel P, 1889 -1891 no info. XX
  54. Woods, Samuel Purviance , 1809 -1882 SW corner of cemetery with family, husband of Elizabeth G Dickson, son of Samuel "East" Woods and Anna Purviance.
  55. Woods, William Harvey, 1836 -1860, son of Samuel P Woods and Elizabeth G Dickson
  56. Woods, William W, born 1836? and died July 6, 1887?, second similar gravestone name and date not legible, together at SE corner near new gate.needs more work to read both stones. consider if son of Dysart Woods and Sarah Holmes.

Close Family and Genelogy of the known burials in Woods Cemetery,
Little Flock, Benton County, Arkansas. This study and database is a new active study, and includes some theories for testing, some errors, and more than a few similiar names that are not yet in the right family or relation..... please help us gather strong evidence as who is who.

Older lists of burials with layout drawing of the cemetery keyed to the stone inscriptions.

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