Pythagoras Sprague


Personal and Family Information

Pythagoras was born on 3 SEP 1799 in Briston, Addison County, Vermont, the son of unknown parents.

He died in 1851 in Benton County, Arkansas.


Birth3 SEP 1799
Place: Briston, Addison County, Vermont
Place: Benton County, Arkansas


Note 1

I was asked to write this bit of history to expand on the families buried in the Woods Cemetery. The first name that caught my eye in our very first meeting was the Sprague family. I guess the name itself was so different from others on the cemetery list and I was drawn to it. In the process, I Googled the name Sprague and found that there was an extensive list of research into the Sprague line.

So, let me begin with Rev. Pythagoras “Goras” Sprague. He was born to Abraham and Celestia Freelove Hubble Sprague on September 3, 1799 in Briston, Addison, Vermont. Rev. Goras P. Sprague was named Pythagoras, but later changed his name. He was a farmer and Methodist minister. In the year 1824, he married Leah Smith in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois. In 1831, he received title to land near Pino, IL in a deed being signed by President Andrew Jackson. To this union was born 9 children and in 1842 they moved to Benton County, Arkansas, where they resided until his death in 1851 at the age of 51. His wife Leah and

their children moved to Missouri and then on to Kansas where Leah died in 1881 in Uniontown.

Interestingly, the Reverend's father, Abraham, celebrated a bit of history himself. He was born in Providence Co., Rhode Island in 1764. As a very young man, he served in the Revolutionary War and participated in the Alarm at Providence on July 23, 1778. He died in March 1847 in Decatur, Macon County, Illinois.

We pride ourselves in being able to travel here and there by automobile, plane and train in this day and time, but let us look back at how this man, wife and family moved here and there and then ended up in the Woods Cemetery in Little Flock, Benton County, Arkansas. It would be interesting if we knew the mode of travel and the time it took to move 9 children, a wife and belongings from Pino, IL to Northwest Arkansas.

~ Larry Rogers Member of Woods Cemetery Association . Newsletter Spring 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2