Able P. Faucett


Personal and Family Information

Able was born in 1810 in North Carolina, the son of unknown parents.

He died in 1862 in Benton County, Arkansas.

His wife was Sabina Weedon, who he married on 23 OCT 1828 in Orange County, North Carolina. Their only known child was George F (1831-1885).


Place: North Carolina
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: killed by bushwachers who burned his farm
Census16 SEP 1850
Place: Overton County, Tennessee
Age: 40
Address: District 9, dwelling 351, family 351 Able Fausit, 40 m, $400, born NC Celina “ 47 f NC George “ 19 m NC Sarah “ 16 f NC Harriet “ 14 f NC Mary “ 11 f NC Margaret “ 9 f NC Julzann “ 8 NC John “ 4 m Tenn dwelling 353 family 353 James Fausett 20 m NC Perlina “ 25 f, Arkansas
Census2 AUG 1860
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 50
Address: Big Springs Township, Bloomington P.O. dwelling 986, family 980 Able Fossette, 50 mw, mechanist $600, $400 born N.C Sabrina “, 57 f w born N.C. Julia “ 17, fw born N.C. John “ 13 mw born Tenn
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Woods Cemetery, Little Flock
GS-Faucett, A P


Note 1

Abel-- Sabina---Brown---Robert Teal(teel) …

After the store burns in McMinnville, Tennessee in late 1860 or eary in 1861 Robert Teal loses most everything the Teal Abel Faucett families who had intermarried in Tennessee ( with exception of Roberts oldest daughter Elizabeth Teal who has married Abel Faucetts son George who stay in Tennessee for a couple of years ) leave Tennessee go west traveling together to start over. Robert Sr. is killed in 1861 in an accident of some sort crossing the Mississippi river in West Memphis Arkansas .

The rest of the two families travel on to near Rogers, Benton co, Arkansas. Upon arriving there Abel Faucett settles on a farm with the rest of the two families. Oldest son Hiram Teal joins confederate army in July 1861. The rest of the family is at the Faucett farm. After the civil war battle of Pea Ridge in March 1862 ( read about it on net. it will help you understand the events ) the country side was filled with thousands of freezing starving soldiers civilans. In this mess Abel Faucett is killed the farm burned by what family history calls bushwhackers. Hiram Teal returns to the area in August 1863 after the confederate loss at Vicksburg, Mississippi. He bother Robert jr. join union army.

Don't know how Able Faucetts widow Sabina daughter Julia, Robert Teals Widow Matilda Teal kids Abel, Sabina, Brown, Martha J. Robert jr. survive part of this time except there would have been plenty of work rebuilding Bentonville surrounding area after it's destruction after Pea Ridge battle. They were unable to prove owenership of land of Able Faucett due to burning of courthouse papers. Shortly after his discharge from union army Robert jr. goes to starts farming in Christain co, Missouri around 1865. Matilda, Able, Sabina brown go there are shown on the 1870 census at a neighber, George Roberts, with Matilda remarried as wife children Abel, Sabina brown living there. Sasina is shown as Sarah Ann Brown as Brow. Census takers are notorious at getting names wrong. Sabina Teal has died before 1880 census. Family history says she dies as a teenager. George faucett wife Elizebeth Teal came to douglas co. in 1863. Sabina faucett goes there. Hiram Teal starts farming nearby sister Mary J. teal is with him. And we think it's terrible when we have a bad hair day

North Carolina Marriage Records have marriage license for Abel Fausett and Sobena Weeden issued 23 Oct 1828 in Orange County.

transcript spellings vary Faucett, Fausett and Sobena Weeden, Abina Wadea, Sabina Weedon born 1804

Sabina age 76 widow in 1880 census Marion, Christian County Missouri is mother in law of George Roberts 36, Harriet 43, Able 20 stepson ++