Welcome to our family genealogy collection!

The top 30 surnames in this collection are:
Flynt (304) Simmons (227) Bowie (125) Tilghman (119) Freeman (103)
DeWolf (97) Glover (99) Lloyd (79) Deese (64) Baldwin (59)
Gage (55) Saxon (53) Davis (45) Thomason (44) Bleakley (43)
Taylor (43) Kellogg (40) Moore (37) Key (36) Smith (31)
Brazeale (29) Reid (29) Wiemers (26) Snow (25) Scott (26)
Gravenmier (23) Rotenberry (22) Rich (21) Butler (21) Howard (20)

Short slide show for these families:

.....Bowie Photos and Chart

Simmons Photos and Chart Lloyd, Tilghman, and Key Paintings
Kellogg, Gage and Rich Photos Flynt, Baldwin, Deese Photos

The master data-base and genealogy software on my desktop is much more powerful than is possible for any of the on-line methods available. We've used different methods for each of these chapters to do more, and be more nearly complete, than possible with any single presentation.


Primary Genealogical Database, all of the families shown above

Here are the families that mostly connect at my generation, some don't connect but may be friends or historical interest. This presentation doesn't include any living people, but is visible to most search engines so most searches land in this area. Except for excluding living people, this is the most complete and up to date version of my online databases.

We'd appreciate your help to find more family photos and checking the labels on the photos we already have. I'm pretty sure that some are mis-label by either name or date.

Similar with living but not often updated, lacks some documents and photos

This method of viewing provides Ancestor and Descendant Trees for any individual in the file.... just click in the menu bar at top of page of the individual.

Access to this area is password protected, because living people are included. Historical information may be seen by entering user name " cousin " and password " friend " . Names and information about living people cannot be seen with this password. Please contact Arthur if you have corrections, changes, or additions.


More information on several cemeteries

New Study about Old Dickson Cemetery and families of the 13 people known to be buried here before 1882.

Higher Quality Images with more detail

These images and documents are added by special request for just certain photos, or zip and file sizes are too large for simple presentation via normal web page.

Other Families

Shorter collections of other, non-related families with descendants in Woodruff County, Arkansas and especially those who lived in Augusta. Other Families

Book of Bowie Front Page.

12/26/2016 A. Bowie

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