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I'm a Bowie, I've worked on Bowie genealogy longer than any other in this collection, and we have pretty good information of over 100 Bowies. But, almost nothing on my direct Bowie ancestors before 1901. The first public record I've found of grandfather Arthur Bowie 1881-1941 is a newspaper clipping of his arrivial in Newport in 1901. The obit for his mother Caniza? Reeves in 1906 gives some names and infomation that census confirms. We have a marriage certificate dated 1859 in DeSoto County, Mississippi for JW Buie and Miss C Reeves that seems to be them, but I have not been able to find them in any census from 1860 thru 1900. Unless, she remarried before 1880 and then changed name to Bowie before 1906. (1876 marriage in Tate County Mississippi between Murty Sullivan and Caniza Bouy, and 1880 census Tate County, Miss had C Sullivan age 40 widow with JM Bouie son and Mary A Bouie daughter.) I would really appreciate any help or hints that clarify who is who.

Extended Family Here are the families that mostly connect at my generation, some don't connect but may be friends or historical interest. This presentation doesn't include any living people and is visible to most search engines.

We'd appreciate your help to find more family photos and checking the labels on the photos we already have. I'm pretty sure that some are mis-label by either name or date.

Cemeteries More information on several cemeteries

Uncle Bobby Bowie wanted to connect to this Louisiana branch of Bowie, but nothing has ever been found to support any connection.

Video of Arthur and JoAnne Wedding Feb 23, 1979. A gathering of most of our Bowie's.



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