Sarah Flynt


Personal and Family Information

Sarah was born on 14 Mar 1790 in Stokes County, North Carolina, the daughter of Thomas 4 Flynt and Sally Martin.

Her husband was James Hampton, who she married on 29 SEP 1807 in Stokes County, North Carolina. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Sarah Flynt


Thomas 4 Flynt


Richard 3 Flynt


Richard 2 Flynt


Elizabeth Reeves


Ann Perry


Sally Martin



Birth14 MAR 1790
Place: Stokes County, North Carolina
WILL17 JUL 1817
Place: Stokes County, North Carolina
Address: named in will of father Thomas Flynt
Will - Flynt, Thomas 1817

See Note 1


Note 1

Sally Martin in 1772, M1 Richard4 issue 4 children.

Sons of Sally and Richard 4 married sisters Clayton

Martin m Elizabeth 1801

Richard 4 m Eleanor 1807

Then Feb 1782, Sally M2 his brother Thomas 4 and issue 7 children

Named in Thomas Flynt will in 1817 which also names children from both marriages.