John Samuel Eleazer Woods


Personal and Family Information

John was born on 8 SEP 1848 in Benton County, Arkansas, the son of Samuel Purviance Woods and Elizabeth Greaves Dickson.

He died on 18 JAN 1912 in Benton County, Arkansas.

His wife was Charlotte Ann S. Hansard, who he married on 9 AUG 1868 in Benton County, Arkansas. Their ten known children were Dora Belle (1870-1930), Arminia G (1872-1958), Elbert Pierce (1875-1958), Samuel Dee (1877-1962), Frank Watson (1880-1933), Pearl A. (1882-1963), George H (1885-1933), William Denton (1888-1975), Carl Homer (1892-1933) and Letha Doris (1894-1991).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


John Samuel Eleazer Woods


Samuel Purviance Woods


Samuel "East" Woods


Samuel Woods


Margaret Holmes


Anna Purviance


John Purviance


Mary Jane Wasson


Elizabeth Greaves Dickson


Robert Dickson


Joseph Dickson


Margaret Isabell McEwen


Esther Moore


John Moore


Margaret Steele



Birth8 SEP 1848
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Death18 JAN 1912
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Census12 NOV 1850
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 2 to 3
Address: Osage, Benton County, Arkansas fam 440 Woods, Sami 41 Ohio, Evia 41 Tenn, Mary f16 Ark, Wm 14 Ark Robert m5 Ark, Elvia J f5 Ark, John F m3 Ark, Christopher Arnod 18
Census12 JUN 1860
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Osage Twp, Bentonville PO, Benton County, Arkansas fam 132 William Woods 48 m Ohio, Mary 48 Tenn, Martha 17f Ark, John 14 m Ark, Elizabeth 12 f Ark fam 133 James Woods 28 m Tenn, Mary 28 f Ark, Sarah 5 f Ark, John 1 m Ark fam 134 Robert Woods 25 m Ark, Jane 19 f Tenn fam 135 Samuel Woods, 50 m Ohio, Eliza 50 f Tenn, Robert 17 m Ark, Jane 14 f Ark, John 11 m Ark, Newton 9 m Ark
Census6 JUL 1870
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Osage Twp dwelling 377, family 373 Woods, Samuel 60 mw farmer $3000, $1000, born Ohio __ Eliza, 61 fw, keeping house born Tennessee — Newton 16 mw at home, Arkansas dwelling 376 family 372 Woods, Robert 27, mw farmer, $700, $350 Arkansas __ Lucy 21 fw keeping house Ark __ Mary3 fw Ark __ Clement 1 mw Ark dwelling 378 family 374 Woods, John 21 mw farmer $400, Ark __ Saphira 19 fw keeping house, born Missouri
Census-1870, Benton, Osage 3 pages

Census22 APR 1910
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 61
Address: Dickson Twp, dwelling 76 family 76 Woods, John S.E. Head mw 63, m1 42 yrs, born Ark f&m Tenn, farmer __ Charlotte A, wife fw age 59, m1, 42 yrs mother of 10, 10 living born Missouri, t&m Tenn __ Pearl N , daughter fw age 27 single , born Ark f Ark, m missouri __ Willie D, son mw 22 single , born Ark f Ark, m missouri __ Carl H son mw age 19 single , born Ark f Ark, m missouri __ Letha A daughter fw age 15 single , born Ark f Ark, m missouri dwelling 75 family 75, Woods, Elbert P, head mw age 35 m1 6 yrs born Ark f Ark, m Missouri __ Laura S wife fw, age 33 m1 6yrs, mother of 4, 3 living born Ark, f Missouri, m Illinois __ Marvin S, son mw age 5 single born Ark f&m Ark __ Elmer W son mw age 3 single born Ark f&m Ark __ Myrtle M , daughtter fw age 7 months single born Ark, f&m Ark
BurialJAN 1912
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Hiwasse, with wife Find A Grave Memorial# 34339185 JSE Woods born Sept 8, 1848, died Jan 18, 1912


Note 1

WOODS, J.S.E. - Died, January 18th, 1912 at his home near Hiwasse, Benton County, Arkansas, J.S.E. Woods in the fifty-fourth year of his age.

Deceased was born three miles east of Bentonville, September 8th, 1858. His parents, Samuel and Eliza G. Woods, were among the first settler of Benton county and the place first settled by his grandfather, Samuel Woods, now owned by N.P. Woods, was the place of his birth.

His childhood and youthful days were spent in this home and his early education, training and religious instruction he received in this community. About forty years ago he made public profession of faith in Christ as his Savior.

August 8th, 1868 he was married to Miss C.A. Hansard. Ten children were born to this union, all living and residing as follows: Mrs. Bell Lambert, Pea Ridge, Ark.; S.D. and George H. Woods, Sulphur Springs, Ark.; Frank W. Woods, Neosho, Mo.; Mrs. Minnie Bates, E.P. Woods, Miss Pearl and Letha Woods, Hiwasse, Ark.; William and Carl. This large family, by the efforts of the parents and the assistance given by the older members of the family to those younger, have been raised up in such a way as to command the respect of the community in which they live, commended for their industry, frugality, civil, social and religious principles and practices.

The deceased was one of the most inoffensive, civil and unobtrusive characters I ever knew. He had been very much afflicted for several years. About a week before he died he was stricken with paralysis and was helpless until the end. The funeral service was held two and one-half miles west of Hiwasse at the Edwards Church and notwithstanding the almost impassable condition of the roads, both for vehicles and those on foot, the large church was crowded with sympathizing neighbors and friends. The remains were laid to rest in the cemetery adjoining the church, there to await the command of Him who is the "resurrection and the life." May the sorrowing companion and children and kindred all have the supporting grace and comforting spirit of the blessed Lord in this sad bereavement. P. Carnahan.

[Benton County Democrat - Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas - January 25, 1912] 

Find A Grave Memorial# 34339185

gravestone and census give date of birth as 8 Sept 1848, meaning 64 years rather than 54 in this obit.


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