Arminia G Woods


Personal and Family Information

Arminia was born in 1872 in Benton County, Arkansas, the daughter of John Samuel Eleazer Woods and Charlotte Ann S. Hansard.

She died in 1958 in Benton County, Arkansas.

Her husband was Allen Webster Bates, who she married on 8 DEC 1895 in Benton County, Arkansas. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Arminia G Woods


John Samuel Eleazer Woods


Samuel Purviance Woods


Samuel "East" Woods


Anna Purviance


Elizabeth Greaves Dickson


Robert Dickson


Esther Moore


Charlotte Ann S. Hansard



Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Census20 JUN 1900
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 27
Address: Garland Twp, dwelling 177 family 200 Baits, Allen W head, wm born May 1874 age 26 married 4 yrs born Ark, f Georgia, M Missouri __ Arminia Gm wife born Sep 1872 age 27 married 4 yrs mother of 2, 2 living born Ark f Ark, m Missouri __ Berry S, son wm born Jan 1896 age 3 single born Ark, f&mArk __ Annie L daughter wf born Aug 1898 age 1, single, born Ark f&m Ark Dwelling 201 Lamburth, Thomas H and Dara B , 5 children dwelling 204 Woods, William and Almansy , 5 children
Census7 FEB 1920
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 47 to 48
Address: Garland Twp, farm dwelling 233, family 233 Bates, Allen, head owns home, free of morgage, mw age 46 marrried, born Ark, f Indiana, m Georgia __ Armia, wife fw age 47, married born Ark, f &m Ark __ Berry , son mw age 28 single born Ark, f & m Ark __ Perry, son, mw age 18, single born Ark, f & m Ark __ George, son mw age 16, single born Ark, f & m Ark __ Henry, son mw age 9, single born Ark, f & m Ark
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Hiwasse with husband Allen Webster Bates 1874-1937 findagrave MEMORIAL ID 34338402