Samuel Dee Woods


Personal and Family Information

Samuel was born on 29 OCT 1877 in Benton County, Arkansas, the son of John Samuel Eleazer Woods and Charlotte Ann S. Hansard.

He died on 24 JUL 1962 in Stella , Newton County, Missouri.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Lala Orr, who he married on 17 SEP 1899 in Benton County, Arkansas. Their only known child was Mattie Bernice (1903-1985).

His second wife was Maud E. Carney, who he married on 27 MAY 1906 in Benton County, Arkansas. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Samuel Dee Woods


John Samuel Eleazer Woods


Samuel Purviance Woods


Samuel "East" Woods


Anna Purviance


Elizabeth Greaves Dickson


Robert Dickson


Esther Moore


Charlotte Ann S. Hansard



Birth29 OCT 1877
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Death24 JUL 1962
Place: Stella , Newton County, Missouri
Census1 JUN 1900
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 22
Address: Sulphur Springs Twp, dwelling 32 family 32 Woods, S.D. head wm born Oct 1877 age 22 , married 1 year, born Ark, f Ark, m Mo __ Lola A. wife wf born May 1876 age 24 married 1 yr mother 0/0 born Ga, f &m Ga __ Farley, J.W. boarder, wm born Feb 1875 age 25 single, born Ark f Tenn m Ala
Census19 APR 1910
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Sulphur Springs, Twp, Black Ave, dwelling 88, family 88 Woods, Samuel D, head mw age 32 married 2, 4 yrs, born Ark , f Tenn, m Missouri, proprietor general retail store __ Maud, wife fw age 26, married 1, 4 yrs mother of 1, 1 living born Indiana f Illinois, m Indiana, sales woman general store __ Mattie B, daughter fw age 7, single born Ark,fArk , m Indiana __ George H, brother mw age 24 single born Ark, f Tenn, m Missouri, salesmand general storn
Census5 APR 1930
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 52
Address: Sulphur Springs twp, dwelling 60, family 63 Woods, Samuel D head rents home $10, mw age 52 married at age 21, born Ark, f Ark, m Missouri, merchant, general __ Maud E , wife, fw age 48 married at age 24 born Indiana, f Illinois, m indiana
BurialJUN 1962
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Bentonville Cemetery with wife Lola Orr Woods 1874-1905 findagrave MEMORIAL ID 43080802


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