John Purviance


Personal and Family Information

John was born on 6 JUN 1743 in Ulster Province, Ireland , the son of unknown parents.

He died on 4 AUG 1823 in Wilson County, Tennessee.

His wife was Mary Jane Wasson, who he married on 2 AUG 1764 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Their only known child was Anna (1774-1858).


Birth6 JUN 1743
Place: Ulster Province, Ireland
Death4 AUG 1823
Place: Wilson County, Tennessee
Age: 80
Address: #56


Note 1

56. Colonel John Purviance Jr was born on 6 Jun 1743 in Ulster Province , Ireland and died on 4 Aug 1823 in Wilson, Tennessee, at age 80.

General Notes: REFN: 19648

Colonel John Purviance also has listed 6 Aug 1823 as date of death and Lancaster, PA as place of birth. Some sources show him as Jr and others as the III.

John married Mary Jane Wasson , daughter of Archibald Wasson and Elizabeth Woods , on 2 Aug 1764 in Rowan Co, NC. Mary was born on 29 Mar 1741-1742 in Chester, Pennsylvania and died in 1810 in Wilson, Tennessee, at age 69.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 183 F    i. Elizabeth H Purviance was born on 12 May 1765 in Rowan Co, NC and died in Dec 1849 in Dyer Co, Tennessee, at age 84.

   184 M    ii. Rev Elder David Purviance was born on 14 Nov 1766 in Iredall, Rowen County, North Carolina and died on 19 Aug 1847 in Greenville, Ohio, at age 80. Another name for David was Elder.

General Notes: Elder David Purviance, brother of Anna Purviance Woods, was a ruling Elder of the Cane Ridge Presbyterian Church of Cane Ridge, KY when in 1803 Barton Stone decided to secede from the Presbyterian Church. David Purviance unites with Stone and others. In 1806 he bought land in Preble Co., OH and in 1807 organized a Campbelite Church with some 20-25 members, most of them having been members of the Cane Ridge, KY church, and most of them related to him.

From his Biography, written by himself: (the book exceeds 120 pages, here are some of the first few)

"Elder David Purviance was born in Iredell Co., NC on the 14th day of Nov. 1766. The county was then new, and the opportunity for schooling not so good as desirable, but he was sent early to school, and made great progress in learning considering the ignorance and tyranny of the teachers of that age. His parents took great pains to have him well instructed in the principles and doctrines of the Presbyterian Church. He memorized all the Larger and Shorter Catechisms while very young. He was also well instructed in the good and wholesome moral precepts, contained in the discipline of that church, particularly the observance of the Sabbath day, which he was careful to reverence an respect as long as he lived.

"When about twelve years of age he was placed in a seminary under the care of Dr. Hall a Presbyterian preacher, for the purpose of studying the Latin and Greek languages, and those sciences necessary to a preparation for the ministry. He prosecuted his studies with indefatigable industry; and made great proficiency in learning, considering his opportunity. It was during the Revolutionary War, and he was the oldest son and very frequently he was detained from school, to assist the family in procuring a living, while his father was defending the injured rights of his country, and towards the close of the war he was sometimes sent an express for the army; but when opportunity offered, he prosecuted his studies for several years, until finally his health failed in consequence (it was thought) of too close and intense application to his books. He reluctantly left the school, and afterwards regained his health, and engaged in teaching, and taught Latin and Greek, and the common branches of literature. "He afterwards wrote for some time in the Clerk's Office in Salisbury, NC.

"When he was about 23 years of age, he married to Mary Ireland, daughter of John and Marta Ireland, in the year 1789. Her father was a native of Ireland, and her mother of Irish descent. "After his marriage his father settled him on a farm, on the south fork of the Yadkin river. There he commenced farming; but only continued about two years before many of his friends and relatives moves, some to Kentucky and some to Tennessee.

"They continued there but a short time, before they found themselves unpleasantly situated. They were surrounded by the savages, engaged in stealing horses, burning houses and murdering the inhabitants, and after the Indians slew his younger brother, John Purviance, he and his wive visited her father's family, and some near relatives, who had lately made a settlement on Caneridge, Bourbon Co., KY-they were much pleased with the appearance and situation of the county, and through the solicitations of friends, and finding that they would not be so much exposed to the depredations of the Indians. They were induced to leave TN, and in the fall of 1792, they emigrated to KY, and settled near his friends in Bourbon County."

Source: RootsWeb World Connect., 8 July 2001

David married Mary Polly Ireland , daughter of John Ireland and Martha Mary (Polly) Purviance , in 1789 in Iredall County, North Carolina. Mary was born on 24 Feb 1763 in Pennsylvania and died in 1835, at age 72.

General Notes: REFN: 19652

+ 185 M    iii. Lt Col John Purviance III was born in 1768 in Rowan Co, NC and died on 7 May 1792 in Sumner Co, Tennessee, at age 24.

+ 186 F    iv. Anna Purviance was born on 3 Feb 1774 in North Carolina, died on 17 Aug 1858 in Little Flock, Benton Co, Arkansas, at age 84, and was buried in Woods Cemetery, Little Flock, Benton Co, Arkansas.

   187 M    v. Robert Purviance was born before 1773.

   188 F    vi. Jennette "Janie" Purviance was born after 1776.

Jennette married Richard Maxwell . Richard was born in 1776 in Virginia.