Margaret A Woodruff


Personal and Family Information

Margaret was born in 1850 in Mississippi, the daughter of Dennis Woodruff and Francis Banks.

Her husband was C. M. Laney, who she married on 6 MAR 1867 in Monroe County, Mississippi. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Margaret A Woodruff


Dennis Woodruff


Francis Banks



Place: Mississippi
Census9 SEP 1850
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Address: dwelling 129 family 136, Eastern Division Dennis Woodruff 37 m farmer b S Carolina, Francis Woodruff 33 f b Alabama, Mary A Woodruff 12 f ditto, Elizabeth Woodruff 10 f Miss, Penelope Woodruff 8 f ditto, Thos J Woodruff 3 ditto, Margt A Woodruff 2/12 f born Mississippi