Dennis Woodruff


Personal and Family Information

Dennis was born in 1813 in South Carolina, the son of unknown parents.

His wife was Francis Banks, who he married on 16 OCT 1834 in Lawrence County, Alabama. Their five known children were Caroline Mary (1839-?), Elizabeth (1840-?), Jenetta Penelope (1842-1925), Thomas J (1846-<1920) and Margaret A (1850-?).


Place: South Carolina
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Address: page 28 Dennis Woodruff, 1male 20-30, 2 female under 5, 1 female 15-20
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Address: MS 1845 State Census Index
Census9 SEP 1850
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Address: dwelling 129 family 136, Eastern Division Dennis Woodruff 37 m farmer b S Carolina, Francis Woodruff 33 f b Alabama, Mary A Woodruff 12 f ditto, Elizabeth Woodruff 10 f Miss, Penelope Woodruff 8 f ditto, Thos J Woodruff 3 ditto, Margt A Woodruff 2/12 f born Mississippi




Note 1

I have assumed that listing in 1880 census for Caroline errors in age and uses nickname or middle name. Every reference found in family indicates Caroline was mother of the seven children with her in that census. 1855 marriage seems right for birth of children with first same 1855. If Caroline was about age 16 when first child born, then assume Caroline born about 1839.

Also consider evidence that Baldwin brothers married Woodruff sisters, Morg & Caroline 1855, then William R and Jenetta/Nettie/Penelope in 1858.

1850 Census of Lawrence County Alabama has Dennis and Francis Woodruff with 4 daughters and 1 son. Jenetta is 2nd youngest born 1842, Only the oldest daughter, Mary A was born Alabama and age is as I’ve assumed for Caroline. Therefore, for working purpose I’ll assume at Caroline and Mary A are the SAME PERSON, and I will use name Carolina Mary Woodruff until confilct is found.

Note 1840 census Dennis Woodruff has two daughters under age 5; supposely Caroline/Mary and Elizabeth.

As of Dec 2020, I have DNA matches with 3 descendants of Thomas J Woodruff, son of Dennis and Francis. jdiano1 15cM in 3 segs, unweighted 24cM, longest 11cM. Cathy Shellenberger, 40 cM in 5 segmetns, unweighted 50cM, longest 18 cM and cy2u71 has 21cM in 2 segments, unweighted 24cM, longest 16 cM.