Jenetta Penelope Woodruff


Personal and Family Information

Jenetta was born in Oct 1842 in Monroe County, Mississippi, the daughter of Dennis Woodruff and Francis Banks.

She died on 4 Dec 1925 in Lonoke County, Arkansas.

She had two marriages/partners. Her first husband was William R. Baldwin, who she married on 8 JAN 1858 in Monore County, Mississippi. Their two known children were Indianna (1866-<1900) and William (1876-1886).

Her second husband was William Jasper Bain, who she married on 24 Nov 1897 in Lonoke County, Arkansas. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Jenetta Penelope Woodruff


Dennis Woodruff


Francis Banks



BirthOCT 1842
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Address: 8 yrs old in 1850 census Monroe County, Mississippi
Death4 DEC 1925
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Address: Cleveland Twp - Jeanette Bain, born Mississippi, father Woodruff

Census9 SEP 1850
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Age: 8
Address: dwelling 129 family 136, Eastern Division Dennis Woodruff 37 m farmer b S Carolina, Francis Woodruff 33 f b Alabama, Mary A Woodruff 12 f ditto, Elizabeth Woodruff 10 f Miss, Penelope Woodruff 8 f ditto, Thos J Woodruff 3 ditto, Margt A Woodruff 2/12 f born Mississippi
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Age: 16
Address: family 274, Eastern Divison, Monroe County, Aberdeen PO WR Baldwin 26 born Alabama, Anlaut Baldwin 16 born Alabama brother Thomas Woodruff age 14 in dwelling 367, family 367, Pucket family.
Census2 AUG 1870
Place: Yalobusha County, Mississippi
Age: 27
Address: Coffeeville PO,dwelling 132 family 134 Baldwin, Wm 34 mw farmer born Mississippi, _ Antonette 27 fw keping house Miss —, Mediana, 3 f w miss
Census8 JUN 1880
Place: Choctaw County, Mississippi
Age: 32 to 33
Address: William Baldwin 48 b Alabama father and mother born Ga, Nettie Baldwin 36 born Mississippi father and mother born Alabama, Indianna Baldwin 14 f daughter, widow, William Baldwin 4 born Miss Franklin, Byrd wm age 19, son in law, widowed, born Ala, f Ala m Miss
Census19 JUN 1900
Place: Prairie County, Arkansas
Age: 52 born Mississippi
Address: Bullard Twp, Dist 94, dwelling 236 family 236 Bayne, William J, head wm born Apr 1845, age 55, married 3 yrs nor North Carolina, f&m NC, farmer __ Mattie, wife wf born Oct 1847 age 52, married 3 yrs, mother of 3, 0 living, born Miss, f&m Ala __ Logan, son wm boy July 1890, age 9 single, born Ark, f NC , m Ark
Census13 MAY 1910
Place: Prairie County, Arkansas
Age: 62 WD born Miss
Address: Bullard Twp, Dist 0104 image 10 of 10 dwelling 282 family 286 Bain, Jenettie, head fw age 64, wd, mother of 3, 0 living, born Miss, f&m Miss, farmer __ Logan, stepson mw age 18 single born Ark, f Miss, m Ark
Census22 JAN 1920
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Age: 72 born Mississippi
Address: widow, Aunt, age 72 born Miss, f&m US with Smiley and Pearl Baldwin Goodwin Prairie Twp dwelling 207 family 208
Census 1920 Arkansas, Lonoke County, Praire Twp and Totten Twp
Source: Census 1920 Arkansas, Lonoke County, Praire Twp and Totten Twp
Authors: US Census
Date: JAN 1920

Burial5 DEC 1925
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Address: Wattensaw Cemetery— Jeanette Bain N 34° 53.130’ W 91° 52.584’ findagrave 69757843


Aunt Net Bay...
GS-Baldwin, ...
Aunt Nett Ba...


Note 1

Aunt Nett Woodruff Baldwin at age 47 married WJ Bayne, age 55 in November 1897. Second marriage for both.

Note in Emma Flynt Bowie Family Record book in Lola's hand writing "Aunt Nett Woodruff Baldwin Bayne died Dec 4, 1925, widow of Dr. D. W. Bayne." in Emma's hand "Grandpa Baldwin Aunt - his father's sister.” 2019- looks like Nett was sister of his mother, and also his uncle’s wife..

Several Baynes are in Lonoke City Cemetery including WD and Emily probably parents of WJ.

Jenetta is titled Mrs Baldwin in the marriage record.

"Bain" in census 1910 and 1920 after he died. "Mattie Bayne" in 1900 census with William J Bayne and son Logan

lived with "grandpa Baldwin" after Dr Bayne death and buried in Wattensaw with Baldwin family

Hand written note by Lola Bell Baldwin Deese

Note 2

Dates are wrong somewhere! Carolina is only 10 years older than Margia. per 1880 census, 1850 census Monroe Cty Miss dwelling 129shows Penelope age 8 with family including sister Margt A age 2 months. Assume Maud?? had earlier marriage for some of children?? or Maud is Mordeciah, maybe first marriage with older sister?? Elizabeth age 10, was born Ala.

also 1850 cenus Monroe County, dwelling 668 is Nancy Smith age 55 born Georgia with Mordicai 28, John 26, William 18, Rachel 14 and Minerva Baldwin 13. consider Baldwin brothers Mordeciah and William married sisters Woodruff, Mordeciah twice married a Woodruff.. daughters of Dennis Woodruff.

Mississippi Marriages 1800-1911 on Family Search has Dennis Woodruff, male, daughter Caroline Woodruff with Mordeciah Baldwin, spouse Caroline Woodruff, married 27 June 1855, Monroe County, Mississippi.

Dennis Woodruff married 30 Oct 1834 to Frances Barker in Lawrence Alabama. together with children 1850 census Monroe County Miss.

seems to be connection to Jenetta Penelope Woodruff wife of William R Baldwin. “Aunt Nett Baldwin”

From Emma Flynt Bowie papers “My Family History” 21 pages, first page begins Marion Francis Baldwin son of Maud Baldwin and Margy Woodruff.

Note 3

MEMORIAL ID 13380236 transcribed as “W Baldwin BIRTH unknown DEATH 16 Jan 1881

BURIAL Concord Cemetery Lonoke, Lonoke County, Arkansas,”

But photo of grave stone W? son of M.R. and Antonett Baldwin, born June 28 1876, died Aug 16, 1886

seems to son of William R Baldwin 1832- bef 1900 and Jenetta Penelope Woodruff 1847-1925 who later married William J Bain.

this child is shown with them 1880 census Choctaw County Miss.

Note 4

I have assumed that listing in 1880 census for Caroline errors in age and uses nickname or middle name. Every reference found in family indicates Caroline was mother of the seven children with her in that census. 1855 marriage seems right for birth of children with first same 1855. If Caroline was about age 16 when first child born, then assume Caroline born about 1839.

Also consider evidence that Baldwin brothers married Woodruff sisters, Morg & Caroline 1855, then William R and Jenetta/Nettie/Penelope in 1858.

1850 Census of Lawrence County Alabama has Dennis and Francis Woodruff with 4 daughters and 1 son. Jenetta is 2nd youngest born 1842, Only the oldest daughter, Mary A was born Alabama and age is as I’ve assumed for Caroline. Therefore, for working purpose I’ll assume at Caroline and Mary A are the SAME PERSON, and I will use name Carolina Mary Woodruff until confilct is found.

Note 1840 census Dennis Woodruff has two daughters under age 5; supposely Caroline/Mary and Elizabeth.

As of Dec 2020, I have DNA matches with 3 descendants of Thomas J Woodruff, son of Dennis and Francis. jdiano1 15cM in 3 segs, unweighted 24cM, longest 11cM. Cathy Shellenberger, 40 cM in 5 segmetns, unweighted 50cM, longest 18 cM and cy2u71 has 21cM in 2 segments, unweighted 24cM, longest 16 cM.


  1. Census 1920 Arkansas, Lonoke County, Praire Twp and Totten Twp
    Source: Census 1920 Arkansas, Lonoke County, Praire Twp and Totten Twp
    Authors: US Census
    Date: JAN 1920