Elizabeth Woodruff


Personal and Family Information

Elizabeth was born in 1840 in Mississippi, the daughter of Dennis Woodruff and Francis Banks.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Elizabeth Woodruff


Dennis Woodruff


Francis Banks



Place: Mississippi
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Address: page 28 Dennis Woodruff, 1male 20-30, 2 female under 2, 1 female 15-20
Census9 SEP 1850
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Address: dwelling 129 family 136, Eastern Division Dennis Woodruff 37 m farmer b S Carolina, Francis Woodruff 33 f b Alabama, Mary A Woodruff 12 f ditto, Elizabeth Woodruff 10 f Miss, Penelope Woodruff 8 f ditto, Thos J Woodruff 3 ditto, Margt A Woodruff 2/12 f born Mississippi