Ora E Flynt


Personal and Family Information

Ora was born in Jan 1881 in Boone County Kentucky, the daughter of Richard Marion Flynt and Mary Frances Turner.

She has died but the date and place are unknown.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Ora E Flynt


Richard Marion Flynt


Thomas 5 Flynt


Thomas 4 Flynt


Sally Martin


Susanna Chiles Fulkerson


Mary Frances Turner



BirthJAN 1881
Place: Boone County Kentucky
Place: Boone County MO
Age: 18
Address: single with parents and one sister
See Note 1


Note 1

Flynt, Richard, head, w, m Jun 1837, age 63, married 35 yrs, b MO, f b MO, m b MO

__Mary F, wife, w, f, Aug 1840, age 59, married 35 years, 5 children 4 living, born MO, f born MO, m born MO

__Augeta F , daughter, w, f, Aug 1869, age 30, single, born MO, f born MO, m born MO

__ Ora, E, daughter, w, f, Jan 1881, age 18, single, born MO, f born MO, m born MO