David Flynt


Personal and Family Information

David was born in BET 1725 AND 1730 in Lancaster County, Virginia, the son of Richard 2 Flynt and Elizabeth Reeves.

He died in Jun 1775 in Wake County, North Carolina.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


David Flynt


Richard 2 Flynt


Richard 1 Flynt


Mary Sharp


Elizabeth Reeves



BirthBET 1725 AND 1730
Place: Lancaster County, Virginia
DeathJUN 1775
Place: Wake County, North Carolina
Place: Wake County, North Carolina
Type: Document
Address: Wake County 1775 RB-1/412 AR Probate File, Loose, 25 pages names orphans of David Flynt
WillFEB 1752
Place: Richmond County, Virginia
Type: Document
Address: named in father's will book 5 page 107
Will - Flynt, Richard 1752