Grover Cleveland Gardner


Personal and Family Information

Grover was born on 26 Sep 1884 in Arkansas, the son of unknown parents.

He died on 4 Dec 1936 in Arkansas.

His wife was Maud May Hough, who he married on 16 JUL 1905 in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Their six known children were Pauline (1907-?), Mary Lucille (1909-2000), Grover (1911-?), Woodruff (1913-?), Neal (1915-?) and James (1919-?).


Birth26 SEP 1884
Place: Arkansas
Address: wwI draft card Grove
Death4 DEC 1936
Place: Arkansas
Census3 JAN 1920
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Age: 35 born Ark
Address: Breckendidge Twp, Farm, dwelling 7 family 7 Grover 35 born Ark, father NC, mother Tenn, Maude 34 born Miss, father and mother Miss, Pauline 13, Lucile 11, Grover Jr 9 Woodrow 7, Neal 5, James 9 month, all children born Ark other Gardner and Hardin near
Census4 APR 1930
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Age: 44
Address: Breckendidge Twp, dewlling 55 family 61 Gardner, Grover C head mw 44 first married age 20, born Ark father Tenn, mother Ark Ella wife of Head fw 28 first married age 22 born Ark, father Tenn mother Ala, GC jr son 19 Ark, Woodard son 17 Ark, Neil son 15 Ark, James son 11 ark plus 20 other boarders, roomers, servant? and hired hand.


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Note 1

I can fill in some details on the Gardner family, Grover, Tenney, and Maude.

1.Tenney Gardner's parents were John Felix Gardner and Ella Gardner. John was born in 1868 and died in 1944.

2. Maude Hough Gardner died before 1924. Grover Gardner's second wife was Ella Glenn. As far as I can tell, Ella did not have any children.

3. Grover Gardner died on December 4, 1936. He was born in 1886.

I hope this information is helpful. I've been trying to trace Grover back to the other Gardners that lived in the Tupelo area of Jackson County, Arkansas. I found your information very helpful.

Laura Black <> April 15, 2014

To: Arthur F Bowie <>