Woodruff Gardner


Personal and Family Information

Woodruff was born in 1913 in Arkansas, the son of Grover Cleveland Gardner and Maud May Hough.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Woodruff Gardner


Grover Cleveland Gardner


Maud May Hough



Place: Arkansas
Census3 JAN 1920
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Age: 6 to 7
Address: Breckendidge Twp, Farm, dwelling 7 family 7 Grover 35 born Ark, father NC, mother Tenn, Maude 34 born Miss, father and mother Miss, Pauline 13, Lucile 11, Grover Jr 9 Woodrow 7, Neal 5, James 9 month, all children born Ark other Gardner and Hardin near