Amanda White


Personal and Family Information

Amanda was born on 26 Feb 1885 in Mississippi, the daughter of James Forester White and Frannie Baldwin.

She died on 18 Jul 1925 in Mahaska County, Iowa.

Her husband was Asa Emery Francis, who she married on 11 APR 1906 in Scott County, Arkansas. Their five known children were Loyd Donald (1909-1927), Leo Foster (1910-?), Helen (1916-?), Emery Eugene (1916-1982) and Rhoda C. (1907-1910).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Amanda White


James Forester White


Frannie Baldwin


Mordecai Maud Baldwin


John James Baldwin


Nancy Allen


Caroline Mary Woodruff


Dennis Woodruff


Francis Banks



Birth26 FEB 1885
Place: Mississippi
Death18 JUL 1925
Place: Mahaska County, Iowa
Census9 JUN 1900
Place: Scott County, Arkansas
Age: 15
Address: Cedar Township, dwelling 68, family 69 White, James F, head wm born Feb 1858 age 42 m 22 yrs born Miss, f Miss m Alabama, farmer __ Fannie, wife wf born Sept 1859 age 40 m 22 yrs, mother of 10, 10 living, born Miss, f Georgia, m Miss __ William son, wm born Jan y 1883 age 17 singe born Miss, f& m MIss __ Manda A, daughter wf born Feb 1885 age 5 single born Miss, f&m Miss __John H, son wm born Mar 1887 age 13 single born Ark f&m MIss __ Loria J , daughter wf born Oct 1890 age 9 single born Ark f&m MIss __ Hattie M, daughter wf born Nov 1892 age 7 single born Ark f&m MIss __ Jessie J son, wm born Sept 1894 age 5, single born Ark f&m MIss __ Maggie C wf born July 1899, age 11/12, single born Ark f&m MIss
Census22 JAN 1920
Place: Mahaska County, Iowa
Age: 34
Address: White Oak Township, farm dwelling 47, family 47 Francis, A.E., head, owns home with morgage, mw, age 45 married, born Iowa, fOhio, m Iowa __Amanda, wife fw, age 35, married born Mississippi, f Tenn, m Miss __ Lyod, son mw age 10 single, born Iowa, f Iowa, m Miss __ Leo, son mw age 8 single, born Iowa, f Iowa, m Miss __ Helen, daughter fw age 3y 7m single, born Iowa, f Iowa, m Miss __ Emery son mw age 1 y 1m single, born Iowa, f Iowa, m Miss
BurialJUL 1925
Place: Mahaska County, Iowa
Address: White Oak Cemetery, Oskaloosa with husband findagrave 100079858




Note 1

Ancestry Thrulines for Mordaci Maud Baldwin via daughter Fannie Baldwin White 1859-1939 show 7 matches to AFB

3 via Dave White 1881-1959- 17, 12 and 25 cM - Eubanks, G.C. and Jackie P Johnons

1 via Amand Armitta White 1885-1925 - 25cM -C.R.

2 via Jesse Jenkins White 1894-1977, Jeremy Orosco at 13cM and one Robert Orosco at 103cM ??

1 via Maggie C White 1899-1983 - 23cM Teresa Morgan Gregg