J Gustaff Johnson


Personal and Family Information

J was born in 1874 in Kentucky, the son of Gustave August Johnson and Conner L Shelton.

He died in 1964 in Butler County, Missouri.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


J Gustaff Johnson


Gustave August Johnson


Conner L Shelton


Coleman C. Shelton


Charles Coleman Shelton


Elizabeth Shelton


Elizabeth G Pollock



Place: Kentucky
Place: Butler County, Missouri
CensusJUN 1880
Place: Mississippi County, Missouri
Address: Tywappity twp, page 23, dwelling 220, family 222 Johnson, Gus, wm age 28, married, farmer born Stockholm, f Sweden, m Sweden __ Conner wf age 26 wife married, born Tenn, f Va,m Ky __ Augustus wm age 6 son born Ky f Sweden, m Tenn __ George wm age 3 son born Ky f Sweden, m Tenn __ Minnie wf age 1 daughter, born Ky f Sweden, m Tenn
Place: Butler County, Missouri
Address: Popular Bluff Cemetery, plot SE Linton with wife Findagrave 140715656 links to parents and 2 children