Beatrice Phyliss Browning


Personal and Family Information

Beatrice was born on 7 Apr 1924 in Berkeley, Alameda, California, the daughter of Lionel Bernard Browning and Ellis Stuart Jones.

She died on 2 Dec 2001 in Santa Rosa, California.

Her husband was Grover Stewart Stone, who she married in 1946. The place has not been found. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Beatrice Phyliss Browning


Lionel Bernard Browning


Ellis Stuart Jones


Herbert Lot Jones


Sarah Sheffield Scott


Jonathan Pardee Scott


Alice Elizabeth DeWolf



Birth7 APR 1924
Place: Berkeley, Alameda, California
Death2 DEC 2001
Place: Santa Rosa, California
Census2 APR 1930
Place: Berkeley, Alameda, California
Age: 5 bron Calif
Address: 1332 Spruce St, dwelling 53 family 58 Browning, Lionel B, head $7,000 rented mw 31 married age 20 born England, father and mother born England, salesman haberdasbury __ Ellis wife fw 32 married at age 21 Iowa, __ Margaret E daughter fw age 8 single born Calif, __ Beatrice daughter fw age 5 single born calif
Census2 APR 1940
Place: Berkeley, Alameda, California
Age: 15 born Calif
Address: 1332 Spruce St, visit 38, owned home valued $5,000 Browing, Lionel,head, mw 40, married born England, same house 1935, buyer for food cannery __ Ellis, wife fw, 41 married, born Iowa, __ Margaret E, daughter fw 18 single born Calif, __Beatrice P, daughter fw 15 single born Calif