Blanche B.E. Deese


Personal and Family Information

Blanche was born on 18 Oct 1888 in Wattensaw, Lonoke County, Arkansas, the daughter of Culpepper Watkins Deese and Nancy Thomas Josephine Clemintine Bryant.

She died in Apr 1972 in Shelby County, Tennessee.

Her husband was John William Shirley Mooney, who she married on 6 MAY 1906 in Lonoke County, Arkansas. Their three known children were William Elmer (1909-1976), Shirley Wallace W (1911-1955) and Alice (1912-?).

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Blanche B.E. Deese


Culpepper Watkins Deese


Milton Deese


Charles Dees


Easter Dees


Mary P.


Nancy Thomas Josephine Clemintine Bryant



Birth18 OCT 1888
Place: Wattensaw, Lonoke County, Arkansas
Agency: Deese Family Bible, BK Deese, Austin Arkansas
Bible-Deese, CulpepperW Family

DeathAPR 1972
Place: Shelby County, Tennessee
Census2 JUN 1900
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Age: 11
Address: Prairie Township, Dwelling no 24, family no 25 Deese, Collof, head wf born May 1842 age 58, married 17 yrs born North Carolina, f&m North Carolina, farmer, owns home, free of morgage __ Nannie, wife wf born Mch 1857 age 43 married 17 yrs, mother of 9, 9 living born Arkansas, f Georgia, m Tenn __ Joe c son wm born Nov 1880 age 19 single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Charley son wm born Nov 1883 age 16, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ William son wm born June 1885 age 14, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Albert son, wm born Jan 1887 age 13, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Blanche, daughter wf born Oct 1889 age 10, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Clifton son wm born Nov 1890, age 9 single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Grover son wm born Jan 1892 age 8, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Emma, daughter wf born Aug 1894 age 5, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Hanna son wm born Aug 1896 age 3, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark __ Dewey son wm born Feb 1899 age 1, single, born Ark, f N C m Ark
Census27 APR 1910
Place: Shelby County, Tennessee
Age: 21
Address: Memphis City, Oakland Avenue, dwelling 213, family 224 Mooney, John W S head mw age 33 m1, 3 yrs, born Miss, f&m Miss, carrier of paper __ Blanche E wife fw age 21 m1 , 3 yrs mother of 2, 1 living born Ark, f South Carolina, m Ark __ Elmer WM son mw age 1 single born Tenn, f Miss , m Ark
Census9 JAN 1920
Place: Shelby County, Tennessee
Address: 976 Oakland Avenue, Memphis dwelling 123, family 125 Mooney, J.W. E , head mw age 42 married born Tenn, f&m Tenn, farmer Mooney, Blanche wife fw age 31 married born Ark, f Ark m Miss __ Colma son mw age 11 sing e born Tenn f Ark m Ark student __ Shirley son mw age 8 single born Tenn f ark m Ark , student __ Alice daughter fw age 6 single born Tenn f ark m Miss
Census12 APR 1930
Place: Shelby County, Tennessee
Age: 42
Address: 894 South Parkway, dwelling 237, family 402 Mooney, John W head owns home, $6000, with radio mw age 52 married age age 30, bonr Miss, f&m Miss, carpenter of house __ Blanche B wife fw age 42 married age age 20 born Ark f Ark m Ark __ Elmer W son mw age 21 single born Tenn, f Miss m Ark, Clerk in retail grocery __ Shirley W son mw age 19 single born Tenn f Miss, m Ark __ Alice daugher fw age 17 single born Tenn f Miss m Ark
Census13 APR 1940
Place: Shelby County, Tennessee
Age: 52
Address: 902 South Parkway East, dwelling 206, owns home, $5000, Mooney, Blanchie head fw age 52, widow born Ark, same Place in 1935 __ Shirley Jr son mw age 29 married born Tenn, same place 1935 __ Luella, daughter fw age 24, married born Ark , same place 1935
Place: Shelby County, Tennessee
Age: 83
Address: Forest Hill Cemetery Midtown, Memphis, section 8 findagrave 111221464 with husband and son
Place: Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Address: Memphis, Tennessee Mrs Blanche Mooney named in Culpepper's will


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