Harry W Howze


Personal and Family Information

Harry was born on 12 Aug 1881 in Mississippi, the son of Isham Robertson Howze and Ella Currie Peebles.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Harry W Howze


Isham Robertson Howze


Ella Currie Peebles


Berlin Peebles


Mary Jane Walker


Joel Walker


Mary Motheral



Birth12 AUG 1881
Place: Mississippi
Census5 JUN 1900
Place: Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado
Address: 2656 Williams Street, house 81, family 87 Howze, Isham R, head wm , born Mar 1851, age 49 married 10 yrs, born Tenn, f NC, m Ala, Lawyer Howze, Hattie J wife wf born Novv 1864 age 35 married 10 yrs, mother of 1, 1 living born Wisconsin, f Ireland m New York __ Mary E, daughter wf Aug 1879 age 20 single born Miss, f Tenn m Miss, school teacher __ Harry W son wm born Aug 1881 age 18 single born Miss f Tenn m Miss, miner of ores __ Ella P daughter wf born Feb 1883 single, born Colorado, f Tenn, m Miss, at school __ Adrian B, son wm May 1993, age 7 single , Colorado born Tenn, f Tenn, m Wisconsin, at School
Census7 JAN 1920
Place: Pueblo County, Colorado
Address: Colorado State Hospital, line 82 Howze, Harry, inmate mw age 29 born Mississippi, f &m Mississippi, ward worker, Institution ward
Census4 APR 1930
Place: Pueblo County, Colorado
Address: Colo State Hosp for Insane, sheet 10A, Line 8 Howze, Harry, inmate, mw age 3;7, single, born Mississippi, f U.S., m Mississippi, no occupation
Census8 APR 1940
Place: Pueblo County, Colorado
Address: Colorado State Hospital, sheet 11B, line 41 Howze, Harry, inmate mw age 58 single born Mississippi, same house 1935