Carrie Belle Elliott


Personal and Family Information

Carrie was born on 13 Aug 1877 in Oberlin, Lorain County, Ohio, the daughter of Edgar H. Elliott and Adeline E. Kelly.

She died on 17 Jul 1964 in Skokie, Cook County, Illinois.

Her husband was Charles Guy Decker, who she married on 3 JUL 1901 in Cook County, Illinois. Their only known child was Adeline Margaret (1902-1960).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Carrie Belle Elliott


Edgar H. Elliott


Adeline E. Kelly



Birth13 AUG 1877
Place: Oberlin, Lorain County, Ohio
Address: ohio birth index, Carrie Elliott born 13 Aug 1877, father Edgar Elliott, mother Addie Kelly
Death17 JUL 1964
Place: Skokie, Cook County, Illinois
Census20 JUL 1870
Place: Lorain County, Ohio
Address: Wellington Village, dwelling 90 family 90 Elliott, Edgar age 23 mw druggist, born Ohio __ Addie age 23 fw, keeping house born Ohio
Census12 JUN 1880
Place: Medina County, Ohio
Address: York, dwelling 170, family 174, Elliott, Edgar wm age 31 married, cheese maker born Ohio f &m Canada __ Adda E wf age 30 wife married, keeping house , born Ohio, f&m New York __ Bartie C, wm age 9, son single st achool born Ohio, f&m Ohio __ Daisy P, wf age 7 daughter single, at school, born Ohio, f&m Ohio __ Harry B wm age 2 son single born Ohio, f&m Ohio __ Carrie B, wf age 2 daughter single born Ohio, f&m Ohio
Census12 JUN 1900
Place: Cook County, Illinois
Age: 22
Address: town of Lake View, 1226 Oak Grove Ave, house 201 family 328 Elliott, Eager, head wm born Aug 1847, age 52, married 30 yrs born Ohio, f born Canada English, mothe Ohio, Clerk __ Adeline, wife born Aug 1851 age 48 married 30 yrs mother of 4, 4 living, born Ohio, f Pennslyvania, m New York __ Daisey, daughter wf born Dec 1872, age 27 single born Ohio f &m Ohio Clerk __ Carrie, daughter wf born Aug 1877 age 22 single, born Ohio , f &m Ohio, Milliner __ Harry son wm born Sept 1877 age 22 single, born Ohio f &m Ohio, clerk
Census23 APR 1910
Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Age: 31 born Ohio
Address: married 9 years, mother of 1, 1 living with husband and daughter ward 26 family 256
Census12 JAN 1920
Place: Cook County, Illinois
Age: 40 born Ohio
Address: 622 Greenleaf Ave, dwelling 158 family 168 New Trier township, with husband and daughter
Census17 MAY 1940
Place: Cook County, Illinois
Address: New Trier Twp, house 191, visit 332, owned, $16,000 Decker, Charles G, head mw age 60 married born Illinois, same house 1935, salesman for Steel Co __ Carrie B, wife fw age 61 married born Ohio, same house 1935


Note 1

as very young child, JoAnne knew Grandma Decker

she lived in an apt in Chicago area and had a black cocker spaniel, Sammy.

She bred cocker spaniels.

She had a TV, Joanne remembers watching either Huckberry Finn or Tom Sawer at grandma Decker home in Hubbard Woods, close to Lloyd family.