Benjamin Saxon


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Benjamin was the son of Samuel Saxon but his mother is unknown. The date and place of his birth have not been found.

He died about 1785 in Abbeville District, South Carolina.

His wife is not known. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their two known children were James (1754-1836) and Mary Ann Sarah (1770-1804).

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Benjamin Saxon


Samuel Saxon



DeathABT 1785
Place: Abbeville District, South Carolina
Will4 JAN 1784
Place: Abbeville District, South Carolina
Type: Abstract
Address: Benjamin SAXON Box 86, Pack 2110--dated 4 Jan 1784, probated. 13 Sep 1785 per Abstracts of Old Niney-Six and Abbeville Dist. Wills & Bonds by Pauline Young




Note 1 not a primary source, maybe a mirrow, or maybe taken from same as my sources.

Thanks Ron,   

   my research really stopped at James Saxon 1754-1836.   names said to be his parents and grandparents were included more or less as "family tradition" and I just haven't worked them.    You are first to give me help with them, I do appreciate and will detach them on my master database right now, It will be a few days before I can update the website.

I've had to deal with a lot of this "family tradition" stuff and doesn't surprise me to find still another couple of familys that aren't supported by anything but tradition.    I will go back and be sure that I don't have something,   right now all I see is a reference to   and a note that it looks like a mirrow of some of my data....

When I put the note about Simmons on your page, I meant to point out the Saxon connection to you also, thanks for looking thru and letting me hear about these errors.

On Jun 28, 2010, at 1:19 PM, Ron Head wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Saxon/Yancey (F034)

Tree: Bowie Simmons


Description: My wife is a SAXON descendant, and I've been researching the family for over forty years. I don't think you'll find much (if any!) contemporary evidence for either of these purported relationships from your genealogical data:

1) Benjamin SAXON was not married to Mary YANCEY

James & Mary Ann Sarah's father, Benjamin SAXON is known to have been married twice, first to a daughter of William GREEN (possibly "Sarah"), who was James SAXON's mother, and later to Elizabeth PERRY (mother of Benjamin Harper SAXON and Mary Ann Sarah [SAXON] ELMORE). Mary YANCEY was thought for years to have been the MOTHER of Benjamin SAXON, based on the will of his father Samuel SAXON (Halifax Co., NC 1766) which listed a surviving wife "Mary," but this Mary has been shown to have been Samuel SAXON's second wife. Benjamin SAXON's mother was likely a YANCEY, and a sister of Archelaus YANCEY, but her name was not Mary.

2) Benjamin SAXON was not a son of Robert SAXON and Judith GRAVES.

I'm not sure where this idea originated, but the evidence indicates that Benjamin was a son of Samuel SAXON (born ca 1699, died 1766 Halifax Co., NC, testate) and his first wife, who was probably a daughter of Charles YANCEY and wife Mary BARTLETT.

Frankly, I've never found much primary evidence that even mentions Robert SAXON and wife Judith GRAVES, and would be most interested in studying anything that you might have!

Best regards,

Ron Head (Montgomery, AL)

Ron Head

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Abstracts of Old Niney-Six and Abbeville Dist. Wills & Bonds by Pauline Young:

Benjamin SAXON Box 86, Pack 2110--dated 4 Jan 1784, probated. 13 Sep 1785

Executrix: Wife (not named)

Son(s?): James (,) Samuel SAXON

Children: William, John, James, Samuel SAXON

Grandchildren: Samuel BARKSDEL, Mary SAXON

Benjamin married a daughter of William GREEN, probably Sarah (Halifax Co. NC will of William GREEN, dated 20 Dec 1760, prob. Mar. Ct. 1761 names son William GREEN and son-in-law Benjamin SAXON, grandson William SAXON, sons Thomas GREEN, John GREEN and Robert GREEN, and da. Amy GREEN].

Benjamin SAXON is supposedly buried in the BARKSDALE Cem. in Laurens Co., SC beside his (2nd?) wife, Elizabeth PERRY, parents of Benjamin Harper SAXON, who is said to have marked their graves.

"Upper South Carolina Genealogy & History" (publ. by the Piedmont Historical Society)

volume IV, no. 3 (July 1986), page 74

Barksdale Family Cemetery

Located on old Rhett COPELAND place now occupied by Lloyd ADAIR, in forks of Bush River and Shells Creek.

Millie BARKSDALE--wife of Hickerson BARKSDALE--Aug. 12, 1792--Dec. 28, 1843.

Benjamin SAXON--this stone erected by his only surviving son--B. H. SAXON

Elizabeth SAXON--this stone erected by her only surviving son--B. H. SAXON

This cemetery has a beautiful iron fence around it. It is on a rock coping. The gate is elaborately decorated--name and date. H. BARKSDALE 1859. Across the bottom of this marker is the following:

26 Merrimac St. Boston. The fence is down and should be replaced. There are a great many graves with only plain rock markers to them.


James & Samuel SAXON bought land together on Duncan's Creek in 1786, as did John SAXON in 1788.

Benjamin Harper SAXON (who I believe to have been a son of Benjamin SAXON and his second wife Elizabeth PERRY), John Archer ELMORE (husband of B.H.'s presumed sister Mary Ann Sarah SAXON), and James DILLARD together bought 2000 acres on Duncan's Creek in 1799 from Daniel RAVENEL, and Benjamin H. SAXON sold land on Duncan's Creek in 1800 and 1801.


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