Martha Bowie


Personal and Family Information

Martha was born in 1770, the daughter of James Bowie and Sarah Whitehead. The place is not known.

She died after 12 Dec 1799 in Logan County, Kentucky.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Martha Bowie


James Bowie


Sarah Whitehead



DeathAFT 12 DEC 1799
Place: Logan County, Kentucky
Type: Bowie, Patsy
Address: Abstract pf Early Kentucky Wills & Inventory, King 1969. Logan County Book A 1792 -1812,
Will12 DEC 1799
Place: Logan County, Kentucky
Age: probably 29
Address: Logan County Book A 1792-1812 Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills & Inventories, King 1969
See Note 3


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Note 1

Logan Cty Marrigae index gives Comphert Bowie and Jesse Bowden married Feb 26, 1799

Note 2


"The Bowies and their Kindred" only very loosely ties this James back to the Maryland Bowies. Page 258 and 259 statements such as "In the absence of documentary evidence, family tradition must be accepte.." and "If such was the case" and "It is not know where...but seems to be".

"The Rezin Bowie Family of Louisiana" by Virginia Lobdell Jennings is a much more scholarily research of this Jame Bowie and his decendents. Wills and land records are used to better document the names, familys, places and dates. At the same time comparasions are made with the claims in WW Bowie book.

This part of the Bowie family has not been corrected or cleaned up as of Dec 2008, most of what is here for dates before 1850 isn't reliable and shouldn't be repeated...

Arthur F Bowie 18 December 2008

Note 3

Bowie, Patsy Dec 12, 1799

Legatees: Else (sister), Rease (brother), Patsy Bowden (niece), Jesse Bowden.

Witness: Charles Slocum, Ann Motley, August Arrington


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