Alfred Jefferson Vaughan


Personal and Family Information

Alfred was born on 10 MAY 1830 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, the son of Alfred Jefferson Sr Vaughan and Dorothy Vaughan.

He died on 1 OCT 1899 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

His wife was Martha Jane Hardaway, who he married on 6 NOV 1856 in Marshall County, Mississippi. Their eight known children were Mary Virginia (1858->1930), Lucy Z (1864-1942), Alfred J (1867-1942), Samuel J (1870-?), Willie (1875-?), Infant Son (1878-1878), Franklin (>1880-?) and Mary Eliza (>1880-?).

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Alfred Jefferson Vaughan


Alfred Jefferson Sr Vaughan


Dorothy Vaughan



Birth10 MAY 1830
Place: Dinwiddie County, Virginia
Death1 OCT 1899
Place: Indianapolis, Indiana
Cause: cancer
Census2 AUG 1860
Place: Marshall County, Mississippi
Age: 30 born Va
Address: Twp1, R 1&2W image 3 of 13 A. J. Vaughn dwelling 362 family 323 with wife Martha J, dau M V
Census16 JUL 1870
Place: Range 1, Marshall County, Mississippi
Age: 40 born VA
Address: dwelling 516 family 500 With wife , 5 children and father
Census 1870 Mississippi - image

Census21 JUN 1880
Place: Fayette County, Tennessee
Age: 50 born Virginia
Address: page 55, Dist 5, ED 29 sheet 465, image 47 of 48 lines 18 to 22 A.J. Vaughn and Martha with Lucy, Sammie and Willie
Census 1880 Tennessee, Fayette County, Dist 13 ED 29
Source: Census 1880 Tennessee, Fayette County, Dist 13 ED 29
Authors: US Federal Census
Date: 21 JUN 1880

Burial3 OCT 1899
Place: Elmwood Cemetery
Address: Memphis, Tenn South Grove Section, Lot 360-361
Gravestone - Vaughan, Alfred Jefferson

See Note 2
Graduated4 JUL 1851
Place: Virginia Military Institute
Address: 15th of 29 Civil Engineer
Other EventFROM 1861 TO 1865
Place: 13 Tennessee Infantry Confederate Army
Type: Military Service
Address: 13 Tennessee Infantry Regiment entered as Captain, fought at Belmont 1861, Shiloh 1862, Richmond, Perryville, Stones River1862 Chickamauga 1863 promoted to Brigadier General , Missionary Ridge 1863, Atlanta and Marietta 1864,
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Note 1

Excerpt from "Recollections of the 13th Tennessee Infantry by it's Old Commander"

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This an interesting story of troops leaving home to go to war.

"Recollections of the 13th Tennessee Infantry by it's Old Commander" - Brigadier General Alfred J. Vaughan


This incident occurred just as the Dixie Rifles were on the eve of leaving home to go into the army, and was swallowed up in the vortex of the terrible war we then thought was to be of such short duration. 1 think to mention it now, for its blending of the beautiful and ludicrous will bring it back to the minds of the survivors and their descendants of Company E of the old Thirteenth Regiment.

On a glorious June morning, with just that buoyancy in the air that makes mere existence a pleasure, the company assembled in the little village of Moscow, Fayette county, to receive a most beautiful and elegant Confederate flag that the ladies of the village had made for the company. The then Miss Fannie Steger (now Mrs. Dr. R. L. Knox of Memphis) had been selected to make the presentation of the colors. I do not know if she will thank me now for attempting to bring back the speech that she, a winsome and lovely young lady, made to us on that morning. Of course I cannot recall all that she said, but I can remember enough to know that it sounded like the blast of a bugle, like the playing of exquisite music, and inspired every member of the company with intense patriotism and with profound admiration for the fair speaker. Feeling myself (then as now) utterly incapable of making a speech, I called on a young member of the company to receive the flag from the fair hands of those who had woven it.

He stepped on the platform with every appearance of self-confidence, but to his surprise and to that of all the rest of us, he found himself overwhelmed with embarrassment. Blushing, stuttering and stammering, he began with, "Ladies and gentle men, we accept," and then broke down. After swallowing a glass or two of water, he began again, Ladies and gen tlemen, we accept," and, still stammering and stuttering, once more took water. This occurred a third time, when one of the boys called out from the rear, " **** it, say to her, We accept the flag, and will follow it to hell or to victory." Amid yells of applause the young man reached for the flag and sat down. This flag was kept throughout the whole war, and today, thirty-two years since the struggle ended, is carefully preserved by my friend, Dr. T. B. Yancey, of Somerville, Tenn.


see also:Virginia Military Institute

Vaughan, Alfred Jefferson (1851)  -Alfred Jefferson Vaughan, Jr., Class of 1851. (lower right in image).

Genealogy: Born- May 10, 1830, in Dinwiddie Co., Va.

Father- Alfred Jefferson Vaughan; Mother- Dorothy Vaughan.

Pat. Grandfather- Peter Vaughan; Pat. Grandmother- Martha Boisseau.

Mat. Grandfather- Robert Vaughan; Mat. Grandmother- Lucy Hunt.

Married- Martha Jane Hardaway; 8 children.

Military Record- Civil War; Brigadier General, 13th Tenn. Infantry, Confederate States Army.

Career: Civil Engineer, Farmer, Merchant, Clerk of Court.

Died- Oct. 01, 1899, in Indianapolis, Ind, buried in Memphis, Tenn.

Note 2

Confederate General Alfred J. Vaughan  was buried here at Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis , TN on 10/3/1899.  There is a

large monument with a bronze bust of him on top located in the South GroveSection, lot 360.  

There is an antique desk in the parlor of our office that belonged to him, and we have some of his writings in our library.  I hope this information is helpful.  Jorja Frazier, historian


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  1. Census 1880 Tennessee, Fayette County, Dist 13 ED 29
    Source: Census 1880 Tennessee, Fayette County, Dist 13 ED 29
    Authors: US Federal Census
    Date: 21 JUN 1880