Seldon Eivy Johnston


Personal and Family Information

Seldon was born on 30 Aug 1905 in New Mexico, the son of unknown parents.

He died on 19 Aug 1991 in Arizona .

His wife was Oneda May Hicks, who he married in ABT 1933 in Arizona . Their only known child was Robert Neil (1935-?).


Birth30 AUG 1905
Place: New Mexico
Death19 AUG 1991
Place: Arizona
Census12 APR 1940
Place: Gila County, Arizona
Age: 34
Address: Globe, ward3, S Fourth Street #105, visit 105, owns home, value $1,000 Johnston, Seldon, head, mw. age 37, married, 2 yr high school, born New Mexico, same place 1935, miner in copper mine __ Oneda, wife ,fw age 38 married, 8 yrs school, born Texas, same place 1935 Grantham, James T, son mw age 15 single, 8 yrs school, born Texas, same place 1935 __ Mary Ellen, daughter fw age 14 single 8 yrs school, born Texas, same place 1935 __ Billy Dale, daughter, fw age 12 single, 4 yrs school, born Arizona, same place 1935 Johnston, Bobby Neil, son mw age 5 single born Arizona, same place 1935 Hicks, Howard, brother in law mw age 28 single 5 yrs school, born Texas, ?? Oklahoma in 1935 __Lloyd, brother in law mw age 19 single, born Texas, same place 1935




Note 1

Kenny, my name is Arthur Bowie of Bentonville, Arkansas. It seems the we share quite a bit of DNA and have many common relatives including two of my first cousins. We both have I-Z138 as Paternal haplogroup that really contributes to understanding our possible relationship………

2 Mar 2022 Today @ 12:00 PM

Great to meet you Arthur. Hope we can chat sometime soon sir.

My mom is Nancy Johnston my dad unknown. My grandmother Billie Dale left my mom and brother Danny so she was raised by her grandmother Oneda Johnston and Seldon "Pat" Johnston who also raised my uncle Neil Johnston and several others. I was born in 66.

2 Mar 2022 8:09 pm

1. this is my opinion from your DNA matches on 23andme and my knowledge of our family and the possible connections. The knowing your mother's line has the names Dale and Johnston eliminates a possible but very unlikely, unusual, possible connection.

2. I also assume your mother was an unmarried teenager ( maybe 16 to 18 yrs) when you were born.

(comment added 12 Mar 2022: when Kenny born 1966, Billie Dale was 21 yrs and Oneda was 43 not likely to give birth to either Danny or Nancy, SS index has five marriages for Billie Dale)

3. Also I know it is possible or even likely that your mother and maybe a few others did not want others to know that she had a child. Please be sensitive to her and the rest of your family with the opinion and information I am giving to you..... some want to know, some don't and may get upset when hearing things different from what they have always been told or assumed.... reaction is not predictable, use your good judgment.

Sat Mar 5, 2022

Billie Dale was her name she was a Johnston, we don't know my mom's father's name either. Just Johnston. Thank you. And yes they probably covered the whole thing up like you said.

Sat Mar 5, 2022

OK, I don't have anything on your mom's line, it is possible to use DNA and traditional genealogy to maybe discover those names. But what we do have is both DNA and knowledge of your father's side to know that my first cousin Mike Bradigan is your father..... I'll go through why I believe he is your guy first, give details next, and answer any questions you may have.

I don't use 23andme on a regular basis, so even when I saw your name as a new match, I didn't pay that much attention but just assumed you were another of the many cousins on my grandmother Cora Simmons Bowie line. Later when I looked closer at our matches, it jumped out at me that you are in Y-DNA group I-Z138, which is grandfather Arthur Bowie side, with very few descendants. That group is so limited that is was quickly became clear to me that you are a grandson of my uncle Buddy -Arthur James Bowie (1910-1949) Buddy was born Newport, Arkansas and died when a plane he was piloting crashed near London, Canada.

Buddy was married 4 times and didn't tell wife #4 (Olive Lorraine Smith 1922-2012) of previous marriages and children. Together they had only two children, Bruce James Bowie born 1946 Houston Texas and Brain Michael Bowie born 4 April 1948, Midland Michigan. A couple of years after Buddy was killed, Olive married Wilbur R (Jack) Bradigan 1927-2005. Jack adopted Bruce and Mike, changed name to Bradigan and following advice of the day, they limited contact with the original family in order to help the adoptees better adapt into the new family. Bruce apparently has never been interested in reconnecting, but Mike was and did in 1991.... some 40 years later.

In your DNA matches, Bruce Bradigan shares 27.3 % or 2031cM and 23andMe correctly assumes related as an uncle. There is a very small group of relationships that produce this level of matching DNA, and confidence for group is 99%.

Also Max Bowie, born 1963 Newport Arkansas, son of Mickey and Pat is correctly shown as first cousin once removed.Alexandra Breckenridge is daughter of Max's sister, making her your second cousin. Alicia Bradigan born 1972 is Bruce's daughter, also first cousin once removed. Becky Tate, Catherine Chela Sabel, Peter Tesla and John Chelsea are all on our Simmons side. BC is Bayless E. Cobb a descendant of Joel Walker 1789-1844, his matching DNA was key to identifying James M Walker as father of my grandfather Arthur Bowie

I don't recall that Mike mentioned a child as early as 1966, but he did tell me some of that period in his life and I may have just forgotten. They lived in East Auroa, New York, Jack and Olive had two? more sons, but Mike figured out the adoption and that his father was a Bowie pretty early. Age 15 he ran away from home and probably became addicted to alcohol, I have no other detail, but it does seem that he encountered your mother around age 17. It is possible that he doesn't know that you are his son. From the time he found us in spring of 1991, he has been open, pleasant and eager to learn about his lost family. He made 3 or 4 visits to Arkansas from his home in Lancaster , Pa and got to meet two uncles, a half brother(of marriage #3 and his mother), my mother and me.

Note 2

Obituary Index Seldon E. M Pat H Johnston, Gender: Male, Death Age:86

Birth Date: abt 1905, Birth Place: Roswell, N.M.

Residence Place: Phoenix Death Date: 19 Aug 1991

Obituary Date: 21 Aug 1991, Obituary Place: Phoenix, Arizona, USA Newspaper Title: Arizona Republic

Spouse: Oneda Mae

Child: Biilie Horn, Nancy Leith, Neil, Danny

Note 3

Obituary Index: Daniel Nelson Johnston, Gender: Male Death Age: 58

Birth Date: 19 Jun 1947 Death Date: 16 Apr 2006

Obituary Date: 18 Apr 2006 Obituary Place: Phoenix, Arizona, USA Newspaper Title: Arizona Republic

Father: Seldon Johnston

Siblings: Nancy Leith, Neil Johnston