Ryan Tait Olsen


Personal and Family Information

Ryan was born in 1973, the son of Harold Dewitt Olsen and Virginia Louise Lockyer. The place is not known.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Ryan Tait Olsen


Harold Dewitt Olsen


Harold Arthur Olsen


Mary Bernstine Calk


Gilbert Dewitt Calk


Mary Theresa Simmons


Virginia Louise Lockyer





Note 1

Olsen, Ivan son of Harold A Olsen and Lockyer has DNA match with AFB 110cm x 4 segemnts.

and is double cousin 3C 1R Via Snell Simmons and 4C 1R via Annie (Snow) Belle Simmons, dau of GMT Simmons.

I have assumed Ivan Olsen is either Ryan Tait Olsen born 1973 or a brother of his.