Mary A Flynt


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born on 5 Jul 1880 in Monroe County, Mississippi, the daughter of John F Flynt and Susan Elizabeth Sullivan.

She died on 2 Apr 1972 in Duval County, Flordia.

Her husband was Henry Franklin Willis, who she married on 3 JUN 1902. The place has not been found. Their two known children were Henri Flynt (1904-1950) and John Waldo (1907-1962).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary A Flynt


John F Flynt


William M Flynt


David Flynt


Mary Davis


Margaret Warren Rogers


Susan Elizabeth Sullivan



Birth5 JUL 1880
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Death2 APR 1972
Place: Duval County, Flordia
Census7 JUN 1900
Place: Monroe County, Mississippi
Age: 19
Address: Main Street, dwelling 191/189/192? Flynt Susan E, Head wf born Oct 1843, age 52, Widow, mother of 6, 4 living, born Miss, f Georgia, m Mississippi __ Willie B, daughter wf, born Feb 1875, age 22 single, born Miss, F&M Miss, School Teacher __ Mary S, daughter wf born July 1880, age 19 single, born Miss F&M Miss, Music Teacher __ Ama M, daughter wf born May 1884. age 16. single, born Miss F&M Miss __ Fred F, son wm born March 1888. age 12, single, born Miss F&M Miss Sullivan, Mary A, mother born Mar 1825 age 75 wd mother of 1, 1 living born Miss, f South Carolina, m Tennessee
Census7 MAY 1910
Place: Crittenden County, Arkansas
Address: fogleman twp, dwelling 75, family 75 Willis, Henry F, head mw age 32 married1, 8 yrs born Miss, f North Caroline, m Tenn, freight agent R.R. __ Mary F, wife fw age 29 married 1, 8 yrs, mother of 2, 2 living, born Miss, f&m Miss __ Henry f, son mw age 6 single, born Tenn f&m Miss __ John W son, mw age 3 single born Tenn, f&m Miss
Census28 JAN 1920
Place: Crittenden County, Arkansas
Age: 39
Address: Fogleman Twp, farm dwelling 179, family 204 Willis, Henry F, head, owns home free of morgage, mw age 41 married, born Miss, f North Carolina, m Miss, farmer __ Mary wife fw age 39 marrie born Miss, f&m Miss __ Henry F Jr son mw age 15 single, born Tenn, f&m Miss __ John, son mw age 13 born Tenn, f&m Tenn
Census14 APR 1930
Place: Shelby County, Tennessee
Age: 49
Address: Memphis City, 2112 Feliz Street, dwelling 242 family 293 Willis, Henry F, head rents home $45, radio, mw age 52, married 1, 21 yrs born Miss, f North Carolina, m Miss __ Mary S , wife fw age 49 married 21 yrs, born Miss, f&m Miss __ Henry F Jr son mw age 26 born Tenn f&m Tenn
Census17 APR 1940
Place: Richland County, South Carolina
Address: Columbis City, 2523 Monroe Ave, visit 392, rented home, $35, not farm Willis, John W head mw age 34, married college 3 yr, born Tenn, New Orleans Louisiana in 1935, traveling salesman, wholesale building materials __ Kathleen, wife fw age 35 married, college 4 yr, born Miss, New Orleans Louisiana in 1935 __ Mary, daughter fw age 12 singe, grade 6, born Tenn, New Orleans Louisiana in 1935 __ Mary, mother fw age 62, single, college 3 yrs, born Mississippi, Memphis Tenn in 1935