Ruben Wood McElwee


Personal and Family Information

Ruben was born on 22 Jul 1891 in Arkansas, the son of Henry Clay McElwee and Emma Josephine Corley.

He died on 12 Nov 1960 in Woodruff County, Arkansas.

His wife was Dorothy B, who he married in ABT 1935 in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Their only known child was Billy Milze (1932-2011).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Ruben Wood McElwee


Henry Clay McElwee


Emma Josephine Corley



Birth22 JUL 1891
Place: Arkansas
Death12 NOV 1960
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 18
Address: with parents and siblings
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 28
Address: single with parents
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Address: sect A with parents, wife and siblings Augusta Memorial Park Cemetery


Note 1

multiple connections with McElwee: First Billy Milze was stepfather to one of my best friends Berry Beard and long time very good friend to me. I grew up in the same house that he did. My parents bought the house on 4 & Mulberry corner in Augusta in 1943 right after his mother died, and lived there some 30 years.

a Mr and Mrs McElwee are listed in Emma's wedding book for a gift, possilbe that Dad was rooming with them before marriage.

Christine Davis McElwee, aunt to Billy Milze was one of Emma's best friends for very long time, as were others in Davis family.