Nora A Osier


Personal and Family Information

Nora was born in 1869 in Arkansas, the daughter of James Walter Osier and Tulliola Barbara Hobbs.

She has died but the date and place are unknown.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Nora A Osier


James Walter Osier


Tulliola Barbara Hobbs


Isaac Hobbs


Annie E Unknown



Place: Arkansas
Census6 JUN 1880
Place: White River Twp, Woodruff Cty, Arkansas
Age: 11 born Ark
Address: with widowed mother, siblings and grandfather
Agency: 1880 Census Ark
See Note 2
Census20 JUN 1870
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 1 born Ark
Address: with parents and siblings
Agency: 1870 census Ark
See Note 3


Note 1

note that Nora sometimes short for Theodora

mother Tulliola apparently close friends with Theodra Simmons

Note 2

ED 293, page numbers 56 and 20 both scratched out.

Line 29

Osier, Tulley, white female, age 38, widowed, keeping house, born Ala.father born Tenn, mother born VA

Mollie B, white female, age 19, daughter, single, born Ala, father and mother born Ala

Lula, white female, age 18, daughter, single,born Ala, father and mother born Ala

J.M. white male, age 17, son, single, Labourer, born Ala, father and mother born Ala

Nora, white female, daughter, born Ark, father born Tenn, mother born Ala

Finis W, white male, age 2, son, born Ark, father born Tenn, mother born Ala

Isaac Hobbs, white male age 68, single, mechanic

Note 3

Dwelling 177 family 151 Ozier, William J age 36 born Tennn with wife and 7 children

Dwelling 178, family 152

Ozier, James W, age 31, male white, carpenter, born Tenn

____Tusley B, age 28 female, white, keeping house, born Ala

____ Mollie B, age 10, female white, born Ala

____ Lulu, age 8, female white, born Ala

____ James M, age 6 male, white, born Ala

____ Nora A, age 1, female white, born Ark