Eliza Dees


Personal and Family Information

Eliza was born in 1816 in North Carolina, the daughter of Charles Dees and Easter Deas.

She died after 1850. The place is not known.

Her husband was Elijah C Carmichael. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. They had no known children.

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Eliza Dees


Charles Dees


Easter Deas



Place: North Carolina
Census 1850 Mississippi Tallahatchie County dwelling 100
Source: Census 1850 Mississippi Tallahatchie County dwelling 100

DeathAFT 1850
Census5 OCT 1850
Place: Tallahatchie County, Mississippi
Age: 33 to 34
Address: dwelling 99 family 99 Milton Dees, 38 m, farmer born South Carolina, Mary Dees, 40 F NC, Harriet A 15 NC, Isabella C 12 NC, Martha E 9 NC, Culpepper Watkins 8 NC, Alfred A 5 NC, Sarah F 5 NC, Mary C 2 Mississippi dwelling 100 family 100, Eljah C Carmichael 34 farmer NC, Eliza " 34 NC, Charles Dees 67 male farmer South Carolina


Note 1

Culpepper death certificate names father Melton Deese born Alabama and mother Susan Duke born Mississippi. RS Duke and two of his wifes, including Susan buried next to CW Deese family in Wattensaw.

Historical Southern Families. Volume XVII, Later Descendants of The Dees (Deas) Family:

Charles Dees #63, son of Richard Dees #13, appears in the Chesterfield Co Census of 1810 with a family consisting of himself and wife, b 1784-94, and 2 sons b. 1800-1810. He does not appear in the records yet found until the 1850 census of Tallahatchee Co. Miss., which show Charles Dees, b 1783 in South Carolina, living in the family of his probable son-in-law and daughter, Elijah C. and Eliza Carmichael, and Charles's probable wife, Easter Dees, b 1780 in South Carolina, living in the family of a younger son Charles Dees Jr. These Mississippi census records show that the family of Charles Dees lived across the border in North Carolina (probably Richmond or Anson County) for a number of years.

There were seven families in the Charles Dees group living in Tallahatchee Co. Miss. in 1850: Bryant Dees, b 1803 in S.C., Milton Dees, b 1812 in S.C., Eliza Carmichael b 1816 in N.C. and Abe Dees b 1821 in N.C., being almost certainly son and daughters of Charles and Easter Dees. Griffin b 1824, Alex b 1825, and Charles Jr. b 1828 all in North Caolina, could have been sons of Bryant Dees above, or else younger sons of Charles and Easter Dees.

The families are as follows:

1. Griffin Dees, b 1824, Elizabeth Dees b 1827 both born in N. C. and son William N. Dees b 1849 in Mississippi. This family also had in it William Sullivant , b 1828 in Tenn.

2. Alex Dees b 1825 in North Carolina, Emily J. Dees b 1823 inAlabama and Elisha Green b 1836 in Tennessee.

3. Bryant Dees, b 1803 in South Carolina, wife Rebecca b 1825 in North Carolina, and all the children born in N.C. as follows: (1) Laura b 1829; (2)Martha b 1837; (3) Thomas b 1839; (4) Caroline b 1841; (5) Mary b 1842; (6) Charles b 1843; (7) Daniel b 1845.

4. Charlie Dees Jr. b 1828 in N.C., Easter Dees b 1780 in S.C. and Martha A.C, Dees, presumably Charles Jr.'s wife, b 1831 in N.C. It seems almost certain that Charles Dees Jr. was the youngest son of Charles and Easter Dees, as Bryant Dees above had a son Charles F. Dees, b 1843.

5. Abe Dees, b 1821 in N.C,, Margaret Dees b 1830 in Tenn., and Children Mary J.N. Dees b 1845 and Louisiana Dees b 1847 in Mississippi; also in the family were Thomas J. Dixon, b 1847 in Tenn, and Joshua Cissom b 1835 in Alabama.

6. Milton Dees, b 1812 inS.C., wife Mary b 1810 in S.C. and children; Harriet b 1835, Isabella b 1838, Martha b 1841, Culpeper b 1842, Alfred b 1845, Sarah b 1845 (all these children born S.C.) and Mary C. Dees b 1848 in Mississippi.

7. Elijah C Carmichael, b 1816, wife Eliza Carmichael, b 1816, both born in N.C. and Charles Dees b 1783 in South Carolina.


  1. Census 1850 Mississippi Tallahatchie County dwelling 100
    Source: Census 1850 Mississippi Tallahatchie County dwelling 100