Robert Lee Glover


Personal and Family Information

Robert was born on 20 Apr 1931, the son of Roy Henry Glover and Lois Fawcett. The place is not known.

His wife was Lucy Faye Simmons, who he married in 1957 in Lonoke County, Arkansas. Their three known children were Gina Lee (1958-?), Robert Lon (1960-?) and Dana Ann (1964-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Robert Lee Glover


Roy Henry Glover


George Sylvester Glover


Jesse Floyd Glover


Sarah Ann Cochran


Pearl E Tedford


Lois Fawcett



Birth20 APR 1931
Address: 117 W Locust,Lonoke,Arkansas 72080


Lon, Virgini...
Gina and Dad
Gina Wedding
Glover- Robe...


Note 1

this is the Bobby Glover that lived across the road from Lola Deese after death of Bill Deese. abt 1968

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I forwarded this on to dad.  My dad HAS another brother by the name or Roy Henry Glover JR.  My Dad's parents were Lois Glover and Roy Henry Glover SR.  Each of my grand parents HAD siblings.  Their mothers both lived into their 100's the husbands did NOT.

There were a group of 4 Glover boys who migrated to the Lonoke County area way back in the 1800's or maybe earlier.

But Dad has that information that he can give you.

By the way did you guys find out where the Simmons group came from when they landed in Florida?  Which area across the sea.  Mom "Lucy" said we were European and a ship's captain.  Mom knew all of this, it's sad that not really anyone else got that information before she passed.