James Freeman


Personal and Family Information

James was born about 1790, the son of George Freeman and Virginia Frances Taylor. The place is not known.

He has died but the date and place are unknown.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


James Freeman


George Freeman


Holman Freeman


George Freeman


Jane Holman


Sally Ann Cox


John Cox


Virginia Frances Taylor



BirthABT 1790


Note 1

"Elbert county Will Book K page 83 with returns on page 228-231"

and the following abstract, the body of which is widely attested to and accurate I think:

"James Freeman of Franklin co.

To John Simmons 350 acres of land on which he now lives.

To Holeman Simmons 260 acres on Freeman's creek.

To William and James Wheeler, 250 acres on north fork of Broad river.

To James Pressel, 250 acres remainder of said tract.

To Wiot Cleveland 120 acres on Freeman's creek.

To James Simmons 200 acres in Elbert Co., at the mouth of Coldwater creek.

Slaves to be sold and money divided amongst my four sisters, Temperance Cleveland, Mary Wheeler, Susannah Pressel and Ann Simmons, also 450 acres in Abbeville Co., SC.

John Simmons and Robt. Barnwell, Excrs.

Signed Oct. 21, 1810. Probated May 2, 1814. E. L. Thomas, Joseph Dobbins, Berry Page, Test."

I called the Elbert county probate clerk's office and she confirmed the reference and that they do have the record of this will. If after further searching I cannot find my copy, I will obtain another copy of the will which I will put up on my web-site and give you the link.

This will is an important document because it appears to essentially contradict Junius Hillyer's recollection that John Simmon's wife Ann Freeman was Junius' mother's aunt. Ann's brother James (of this will) could not possibly be the "Uncle Jimmy" whom Hillyer rememberred meeting in 1815, whose wife was Roda and who died in 1819 since Ann's brother James Freeman died in 1814 according to probate records! Hillyer's "Uncle Jimmy" was the James Freeman who was proven to be a descendant of Holman by DNA evidence which I cited in my GenForum article. According to a descendant with whom I corresponded, this James married Roda Watson, they had 7 children and he died in 1819-- this matches Hillyer's recollections.

If Ann was the daughter of Holman Sr's brother John as I think the evidence persuades, then perhaps some folks in those days may have called such a first-cousin "aunt" which explains the discrepancy and removes the contradiction.

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