Ann Simmons


Personal and Family Information

Ann was born in 1831 in South Carolina, the daughter of Moses Waters Simmons and Harriet Renfro.

She died on 26 Oct 1869 in Alabama.

Her husband was Isaac Baird, who she married on 15 JAN 1851 in Talladega County, Alabama. Their six known children were Francis (1852-1922), Moses N (1854-1919), James A. (1860-1911), Harriett (1863-1931), Martha (1865-1941) and Ariana (1869-1930).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Ann Simmons


Moses Waters Simmons


John W. Simmons


James Simmons


Assume Mary Waters


Ann Freeman


Holman Freeman


Sally Ann Cox


Harriet Renfro



Place: South Carolina
Death26 OCT 1869
Place: Alabama
Address: US Federal Census Mortality Schedule Ann Baird, female, white, married age 38, born Georgia, died Oct 1869, census year 1870 Township 21, Clay County Alabama, line 17
Census7 DEC 1850
Place: Talladega, Talladega, Alabama
Age: 19
Address: family 1590 Moses Simmons 49, Harriet 44, 8 children 19 to 6 months, Ann 89 family 1588 Francis A Simmons 29 with four children 9 to 5 yrs
Census 1850 Alabama, Talladega County
Source: Census 1850 Alabama, Talladega County
Date: DEC 1850
Publisher: US Federal Census

Census19 JUL 1860
Place: Talladega, Talladega, Alabama
Age: 28 to 29
Address: dwelling 758 family 774 N.H. Simmons 26m, farmer born GA. Margaret 19 Ala, Harriet 4 Ala, John 1 Ala Dwelling 756 family 772 Isaac Baird, 35 m, Blacksmith, $200, $1000 norn NC Ann “ f SC, Frances “ 8 f Ala, Moses “ 6 m, Ala

BurialOCT 1869
Place: Millerville, Clay County, Alabama
Address: Simmons Cemetery Find A Grave Memorial# 28644663
Other Event27 APR 1855
Place: Talladega County, Alabama
Address: Indenture between Felix Simmons and Holman F Simmons. due on notes to WW Wood, Edward Woodard, JC Elston and William Johnson exe of John Elston deceased. William Mallory and E Simmons securites, notes to CM Gamble admn estate William Gamble, not to Wm H Baird. Judge M Dillard , Justice of the peace
100-101-indenture transcribed


Note 1

Fran Preston <> On Jan 15, 2014, at 10:58 PM, wrote:

Hi there! I am working on a little project that I hope pans out and may give you another document for the database. I found out yesterday that Moses Waters Simmons did not die in Talladega, he died at The Alabama State Hospital for the Insane in Tuscaloosa. He was there for about a week and then died and his body was taken back to Millerville. I'm trying to get the records, the HIPAA laws are holding me up. I found a cousin who shared the basic info with me- she confirmed it with the hospital before they had to follow HIPAA and never ordered the actual file. I'm trying to get the hospital to follow the law as it is written, that it protects the person for 50 years after their death, and at that point records can be released for historical purposes. So cool right!?! I'm so curious why he would have died a week into his stay. The history of the hospital is pretty cool, it was a pretty forward thinking progressive hospital when he was a patient. Then around the 1950's it appears to have taken a turn for the worse and became a nightmare......

I also have in my possession a very hard to read copy of some of the legal paperwork regarding his commitment. The only really cool thing I could read in them was that Moses' son in law, Isaac Baird (married to Ann Simmons) took care of him and it looks like Moses may have lived in their home when he was really bad. I'm willing to bed Isaac brought him back to the family cemetery. The cousin says that Moses is buried in the way back under a tall pile of rocks, otherwise un marked. We both wish we knew for sure!

The cousin I spoke with was a great great grandchild of Isaac and Ann (Simmons) Baird. They think they might have their wedding picture. I told them about your database- they were excited! 

Hopefully more to share soon!

Fran Simmons Preston 


  1. Census 1850 Alabama, Talladega County
    Source: Census 1850 Alabama, Talladega County
    Date: DEC 1850
    Publisher: US Federal Census