Warren Simmons Bigelow


Personal and Family Information

Warren was born on 10 Oct 1889 in Bushnell, Flordia, the son of George Woodward Bigelow and Mary Eliza Theresa Simmons.

He died on 17 Feb 1958 in Inverness, Florida.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Warren Simmons Bigelow


George Woodward Bigelow


Mary Eliza Theresa Simmons


George McIntosh Troupe Simmons


Holman Freeman Simmons


Sarah Eliza Hawkins Burns


Anne Eliza Gough


James Gough


Anne Whiddon



Birth10 Oct 1889
Place: Bushnell, Flordia
Death17 Feb 1958
Place: Inverness, Florida