Flying Videos--Some new, some old

Three P51D Mustangs in formation training. This is a small file for mobile devices.

Alternate version in Higher Quality of this video is a larger file, may not work on moble devices.

Slide show of 46th Penitentiary Mountain Persimmon Seed Spitting Contest

Aerobatics at the farm 2012. Xtreme Air XA42

Beechcraft D18 blowing smoke over Penitentiary Mountain, October 2013.

Crop Dusting in Mississippi sometime in mid 1970s.

Quail HuntingTexas Style

Penitentiary Mountain Persimmons Seed Spitting Contest, 2018 - 2020

Joseph's Animations

SWR Conference on the Tuck, 2013

Level # SWR at Siloam Springs 2014

Canoe Instructor Certification on the Nanny

Full index of Canoe and SWR videos and teaching materials

Audio Test

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