Carl Woolsey


Personal and Family Information

Carl was born on 18 JAN 1895 in Benton County, Arkansas, the son of William T. Woolsey and Sallie Manck.

He died on 1 DEC 1965 in Salt Lake County, Utah.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Carl Woolsey


William T. Woolsey


James Woolsey


Nancy R Woods


Dysart Woods


Sarah Holmes


Sallie Manck



Birth18 JAN 1895
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Death1 DEC 1965
Place: Salt Lake County, Utah
Census9 JUN 1900
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Osage twp, Bentonville town, dwelling 153 family 156 Woolsey, Nancy R , head wf born March 1830, 70 yrs widow, married 49 years, mother of 11, 8 living born Tenn, f&m Tenn Palmer Lenster roomer wf Aug 1877, 22 single born Indiania, f&m Indiania dwelling 154, family 157 Woolsey , William G head wm , Nov 1852 married 10 yrs born Ark f Ark, m Tenn __ Sally wife wf Mar 1858 age 42 married 10 yrs, mother of 4, f living, born Indiana, f&m Indiania __Ray G son wm Oct 1871, 8 single born Ark, f Ark m Indiana __ Leada B daughter wf March 1873, age 7, single born Ark, f Ark m Indiana ___ Carl son wm Jan 1895 age 5 single born Ark, f Ark m Indiana __ Charley son wm Sept 1897 2 single born Ark, f Ark m Indiana __ Laura M daughter wf March 1881 19, single born Texas, f Ark, m Tenn __ Sarah A, daughter wf April 1883, age 17 single, born Texas, f Ark m Tenn
BurialDEC 1965
Place: Salt Lake County, Utah
Address: Mount Olivetr Cemetery, Salt Lake City, findagrave MEMORIAL ID 43022081 links to wife, two sons , mother, and brother


OccupationEngineer on Union Pacific Railroad
Address: findagrave MEMORIAL ID 43022081